5 Leadership Skills Which Can Be Learnt From Mahendra Singh Dhoni

TATA IPL 2024: MS Dhoni is not just a name but it is emotion. The former skipper of Chennai Super Kings and Indian Team is the only man on the planet earth to win all three ICC Trophies. With that, Mahi Bhai is also the only skipper in this cricketing world to win the IPL title and the World Cup of the fifty overs format in the same year. Let us all see the five leadership skills of this great man.
TATA IPL 2024: GT Vs CSK Game Will Be Played Today at 7.30 PM IST.
TATA IPL 2024: GT Vs CSK Game Will Be Played Today at 7.30 PM IST.

TATA IPL 2024: The cash-rich league tournament named the Indian Premier League has been started off in grand fashion like every year since 2008.

The TATA IPL 2024 season will be played in India only and the finals of this T20 event will be played at MSD’s second home, Chennai on Sunday, 26th May 2024 at MA Chidambaram Stadium.

In today’s clash, the defending champions Chennai Super Kings are up against runners of the last season of the Indian Premier League, Gujarat Titans.

Both the teams have the new captains and they had started their campaign with a win. CSK won their 1st game against RCB while GT won a thrilling encounter against Mumbai Indians few days ago.

So before this engrossing match starts in a few hours, let us see the five leadership skills of the former Indian team and Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni in this segment today.

As we all know Mahi is no longer the captain of CSK in this cash-rich league tournament. This post is just a tribute to the genius from Since Independence –

1. Stay Clam

Mahendra Singh Dhoni; The Captain Cool
Mahendra Singh Dhoni; The Captain Cool

MS Dhoni was quite clam and cool under immense pressure during the live matches. We never saw him pressing the panic button when things did not go according to the plans. But Dhoni was the one who stood clam in such situations and that’s why he was able to make those right decisions in tougher situations.

In our lives as well, staying calm will help us to find the right balance and we can take the correct decisions whenever the situation in our lives is not what we want. Staying calm gives us the energy to think in rightly. This is also the reason why MSD is called as Captain Cool.

2. Lead By Example

A leader thinks he or she can do anything. The rules and regulations are not for the leaders and it is only for the people who work under a leader.

However, MS Dhoni wasn’t that type of a leader. He was the one who always led the team on and off the field by example.

Mahi did the best for the country and his IPL team. He relentlessly worked to raise the standards and never allowed any player to do

the things which he himself never did during his captaincy career.

3. Never Give Up

MSD"s Masterful Example Of Never Give Up
MSD"s Masterful Example Of Never Give Up Image Source - Youtube Grab Video

Sports teaches us many positive lessons in our lives and people like Mahendra Singh Dhoni inspire us to led life situations in such a way so we can have a good life without much hassles. Dhoni’s journey to became a cricketer wasn’t easy at all.

No one had thought that this boy from a small place like Ranchi would be so successful player and captain of Team India and Chennai Super Kings.

However, it was Mahi who never let this dream slip from his hands. He had faced all the difficulties and challenges with grit, determination and a never-give-up attitude.

That’s what has made the player he is today and the most successful captain as well.

4. Share The Spotlight

MS Dhoni has always empowered his team and never overshadowed it. He also knew that Cricket is a team sport and an individual can’t always win us the matches.

That is why, Mahi bhai always celebrated the wins with his boys and he also promoted the youngsters, which are star players for Team India now.

5. Be Humble And Responsible

MSD Was Quite Humble And Responsible Captain
MSD Was Quite Humble And Responsible Captain

Mahendra Singh Dhoni wasn’t a successful leader by just a fluke. But he was very humble as a captain when India and CSK won the games and at the same time, he was responsible as well when he lost the match as the skipper of his side.

This attitude, humbleness and responsibility, helps us in life to deal with the problems. Mahi Bhai was the one who credited his team for the wins and accepted the losses single-handedly during his captaincy stint with the Men in Blue and The Yellow Army. 

TATA IPL 2024: GT Vs CSK Game Will Be Played Today at 7.30 PM IST.
TATA IPL 2024: 2 Times CSK Has Won The Title After Winning First Match Of Indian Premier League In Same Season

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