4 Reasons Why Cricket has been Craze in India

Craze of Cricket in India: Cricket is a game that was invented by the British when they ruled India. At that time, this game wasn’t popular as only British rulers played it as a pass time. But now, Cricket has been a craze and somehow it has also sidelined the traditional games of our country.
Craze of Cricket in India
Craze of Cricket in IndiaImage Credit: Since Independence

Craze of Cricket in India: Cricket is a sport which has been immensely popular in India and it has become such a craze that the common man of our country mainly talks, reads and writes about cricket, matches and players.

In India, everyone thinks that they are experts in this game and they share their opinions and views on the current happenings in the world of cricket.

Television news channels and social media platforms have made the cricketers more popular.

Some of the cricket players like Virat Kohli also make money through Instagram posts. Not only this, today we will discuss the other reasons as well which would help us to understand why Cricket is such a big craze in India.

Craze of Cricket in India
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1. Cricket keeps the viewers united

Cricket is also known as the gentlemen's game and it is a sport which is popular in other countries as well.

But in India, the international matches and the tournaments like the Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup and World Test Championship event keep the people united.

During the riots in 1983, cricket was the one which had kept the viewers engaged and it helped the riots to stop.

That was mainly because of India under Kapil Dev had reached the finals for the first time and also won that ICC mega event in England.

Craze of Cricket in India
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2. Even COVID-19 didn’t stop Cricket

Even COVID-19 didn’t stop Cricket
Even COVID-19 didn’t stop CricketImage Credit: Since Independence

One can say that Cricket is bigger than everything and anything in this world. When the whole world was under the threat of COVID-19 in 2020, cricket was the only one which had entertained the people.

England started playing a Test series against West Indies and then slowly every cricketing action started to resume.

The IPL 2020 in the United Arab Emirates was played in closed stadiums. Cricket was the only game that gave some relief and entertainment to the people around the world during Covid times.

3. Cricket is an Inspiration

Sports was never looked at as a way of life and also never seen as a career option. But today, cricket and sports, in general, is looked at as career prospect and to improve health.

Thanks to Cricketers like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul and Shubman Gill who have given priority to fitness.

It is because of them; people have given importance to fitness and self-belief that a common man can make their career in cricket and other sports as well.

That is why we have seen many talented and upcoming players in cricket and other sports in today’s time.

Craze of Cricket in India
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4. Cricketers are idols more than anyone else

The first dream in our childhood was to be a cricket player. We had idolise Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev.

Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and  Sachin Tendulkar
Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar

The stories of cricket players are an inspiration and they teach us a lot to us. It is because of their hard work, practice and dedication that have helped them to become top players today.

The cricketers are an inspiration to everyone. They tell us to work hard to achieve dreams and they also teach us to dream and work for them.

That is why their stories should be made available everywhere and shouldn’t be limited just to the internet and google search.

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Craze of Cricket in India
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