Indian Premier League: 5 Title Sponsors in IPL

Indian Premier League: The IPL has been a cash-rich league tournament and the sponsors have played a main part in the success of this event over the years.
Indian Premier League: 5 Title Sponsors in IPL
Indian Premier League: 5 Title Sponsors in IPL Image Credit: Since Independence

Indian Premier League: Like all the previous seasons of the Indian Premier League, the TATA IPL 2023 season has started on a grand note. The return of home and away format matches has given spice to this year’s event. 

Many teams have played and some are yet to play in front of their home crowd which is exciting for all the players in this edition. 

The cash-rich league tournament is the most successful league in this world. There is no other league like the IPL.

Even the players love to participate in this tournament. In the year of 2020, the tournament was postponed many times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

But still, after many postponements of dates and changes in venues, the tournament was a grand success that year in the United Arab Emirates. 

Today in this segment, we shall let our viewers know about the main sponsors of the Indian Premier League till now. 

The IPL is a tournament where sponsorship also plays the most important role as the players do for their franchise teams.

The vast money which is involved in this cash-rich league tournament comes from the main sponsors and also from TV rights, Broadcasters, merchandise and lots more. 

Without the sponsors, there will be no money, and if there is no money, there will be no IPL.

So the IPL fans and followers should know about the main sponsors of this cash-rich league tournament. 

The current main sponsor of IPL is TATA. But there were still 4 more sponsors in the past. So, let us all know about them as well.

Indian Premier League: 5 Title Sponsors in IPL
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1. DLF


The IPL was known as the DLF IPL because DLF was the title sponsor for IPL in the first four editions. From the first season of the Indian Premier League in 2008 till the 2012 IPL season, DLF was the title sponsor. 

In 4 years, this company had paid 40 crores per year to this tournament as the main sponsor.

2. Pepsi

Pepsi IPL
Pepsi IPL

From 2012 onwards, the IPL had a new title sponsor for the tournament. A famous drink made its way to be the title sponsor of the IPL. 

After DLF, this tournament was known as the Pepsi IPL. But their title sponsorship lasted only for two years, from 2013 to the 2015 IPL season, and in these two years, Pepsi had paid 79 crores rupees per year.

3. Vivo

Vivo IPL
Vivo IPL

The 3rd title sponsor of this cash-rich tournament was Vivo. From 2016 till the season of 2019, the IPL was called Vivo IPL. Vivo is a company which makes mobile handsets and gadgets.

This mobile company has paid the most money in the tournament till now. Vivo has paid a whopping amount of 439.8 crores of rupees per year in this tournament.

This company had an agreement to be the title sponsor of this tournament till the IPL 2022 season.

But after the boycott of the products made in China, BCCI has also suspended its partnership with Vivo.

4. Dream11

Dream11 IPL
Dream11 IPL

After Vivo, Dream11 was named as the main sponsor for the IPL. But before naming Dream11, there were many multi-national companies like Paytm, Amazon, Jio, BYJU'S, Adani Group of Companies in the fray.

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali was at the forefront of the race to become the main sponsor. However, the first-ever fantasy sports platform, Dream11, won the bidding race as the main sponsor of this league tournament.


TATA IPLImage Credit: IPL

The TATA Group of Companies is the current and main sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) since the last year of the IPL 2022 edition. 

The TATA Group has spent 439.8 crores as the sponsorship fee to become the main sponsor of the Indian Premier League.

Indian Premier League: 5 Title Sponsors in IPL
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