Controversial Movie 'The Kerala Story' Not To Be Screened in Tamil Nadu Theatres From Today

From today i.e. May 07, multiplex theatres in Tamil Nadu have decided to stop showing the film 'The Kerala Story', citing both the film's poor performance and concerns regarding law and order.
'The Kerala Story'
'The Kerala Story'

The controversial film 'The Kerala Story,' which was released two days ago i.e. May 05, has been halted in Tamil Nadu. 

Many cities have called for the film to be banned, and many have gone to court to do so, only to have their cases dismissed.

The Tamil Nadu Multiplex Association has announced that screenings will be suspended beginning today due to the law and order situation and poor reaction to the film.

Tamil Nadu political parties, notably Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK), staged a protest against the film's screening. NTK party members staged a protest inside select theatres, and police detained them. 

Members of Fraternity Movement protest in front of Shenoy’s theatre in Kochi
Members of Fraternity Movement protest in front of Shenoy’s theatre in Kochi

Senthamizhan Seeman urges people to not watch the film

The film, which starred Adah Sharma and was written and directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Shah, was shown in theatres throughout Kerala on its first day of release. 

The creators claim it is a combination of three young females' true stories from the state.

Senthamizhan Seeman, the leader of the political party Naam Tamilar Katchi, has declared that if the movie is screened in theaters despite the objections, his party members will vandalize the screens and theaters.

Seeman also requested that the film 'The Kerala Story' not be shown in theatres and asked people not to watch it.

According to the CPI(M) and the Kerala Congress, the film incorrectly alleges that 32,000 women were converted and radicalised before being deployed in terror missions throughout India and the world.

'The Kerala Story'
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Ministers slammed the film too

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan attacked the film's producers, saying they were promoting Sangh Parivar propaganda by portraying the state as a hotbed of religious extremism by bringing up the issue of 'love jihad,' a concept rejected by the courts.

MH Jawahirullah, the TMMK leader and legislator, condemned the film as a nasty endeavour to sow seeds of enmity and strife among the people. 

According to him, the movie portrays a wholly fabricated and perilous perspective as a factual account. The banner outside a theatre in Chennai, where the contentious film was scheduled to be shown, was torn down during the protest.

'The Kerala Story'
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