Centre Informs Supreme Court that CBI Will Investigate Manipur Video Case

Manipur Video Case: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has notified the Supreme Court that the investigation into the viral video of two women being publicly humiliated in Manipur would be turned over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
MHA notifies the SC to investigate women viral video case.
MHA notifies the SC to investigate women viral video case.Image Credit: ANI

Manipur Video Case: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has told the Supreme Court that the inquiry into a terrible occurrence that shook the nation will now be handled by the Central Bureau of Inquiry (CBI). 

A viral video of two women being paraded naked by a hostile mob in Manipur was involved in the incident. In response to this horrible crime against women, the national government has stated that it will not tolerate similar offences.

After consultation with the Manipur administration, which supported the transfer on May 26, the decision to transfer the matter to the CBI was made. 

On July 27, the MHA approved the recommendation and referred it to the Secretary of the Department of Personnel and Training. The move is intended to ensure a thorough and impartial examination.

The MHA has also asked the Supreme Court to order that the trial be held outside of Manipur in order to avoid any potential influence on the proceedings. 

Preventative and Rehabilitation Measures

Violence against women in Manipur
Violence against women in ManipurImage Credit: PTI

Furthermore, the MHA has asked the court to issue an order requiring the CBI to finish the trial within six months of the chargesheet being filed, emphasising the need to deliver fast justice in crimes against women

The MHA has implemented many precautionary steps in order to avoid similar events in the future. 

These measures include making such instances mandatory to report, investigating cases under the supervision of authorities with the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP), and granting appropriate prizes for reporting and providing information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. 

The police have also guaranteed the secrecy and protection of whistleblowers and complainants.

In addition, the document submitted to the Supreme Court emphasises the rehabilitation measures being developed by the Manipur administration for the victims of the violence. 

Recognising the psychological consequences of such violence, the MHA intends to provide mental health support via "district psychological support teams" to assist persons living in relief camps in dealing with the repercussions of the terrible experience.

MHA notifies the SC to investigate women viral video case.
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Security Measures and Supreme Court

Since the outbreak of unrest in Manipur on May 3, the MHA has deployed additional companies of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) to address security concerns in the region. 

Currently, 124 extra CAPF companies and 185 Army/Assam Rifles columns, as well as local police, are working to keep Manipur safe and secure. A "Unified Command" has also been formed, chaired by the Security Advisor and composed of officials from all security forces and civil administration.

The bench was led by Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud, who instructed the government to take prompt measures to apprehend the culprits of the incident and avoid additional bloodshed.

The Supreme Court will hear the case on July 28, during which time the court will consider the MHA's proposals and comments. 

MHA notifies the SC to investigate women viral video case.
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