After 33 Years, Muharram Procession Resumes in Kashmir's Lal Chowk | WATCH VIDEO

All appropriate security precautions were taken, and the general public, notably Shia community members, were informed that no extra processions, individual or collective, would be permitted along the route other than the one departing from Gurubazar.
Muharram Procession Resumes in Kashmir's Lal Chowk
Muharram Procession Resumes in Kashmir's Lal Chowk

After the Jammu and Kashmir administration gave permission, the Muslim community in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, held a large Muharram march on Thursday. 

This procession in the state was captured on camera, with participants waving flags and screaming slogans as they marched. 

The decision to allow this event came on Wednesday (July 26), finally resolving a long-standing demand from Muslims to hold the Muharram parade on its historic route from Guru Bazar to Dalgate via Lal Chowk, a path that had not been used in three decades.

Ensuring Peaceful Muharram Procession

After three decades, Muharram procession passes through Kashmir's Lal Chowk.
After three decades, Muharram procession passes through Kashmir's Lal Chowk.Image Credit: PTI

To ensure the smooth execution of this precious religious event, the administration held multiple rounds of consultations with Shia Muslim community representatives, including all groups and the Guru Bazar local committee. 

The goal was to obtain assurances from all parties that the procession would go off without a hitch.

Given the security implications of the march, Vijay Kumar, the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) of Kashmir Zone, indicated that a detailed conference was conducted immediately following the government's decision to approve the event. Since the previous night, security officers have been deployed to ensure peace and order.

The ADGP emphasised that all necessary security procedures would be rigorously fulfilled. 

He also warned the general public, particularly Shia community members, that no other procession, individual or collective, would be allowed on the approved route except the one departing from Gurubazar, which had received official clearance.

Any violation of this order would be severely punished under the law.

Muharram Procession Resumes in Kashmir's Lal Chowk
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Respecting Shia Sentiments, Ensuring Safety

The ADGP had just the day before acknowledged the Shia community's religious sensitivities and stated that the administration had taken these views into account when deciding to allow the Muharram parade.

The acceptance of the Muslim community's request, as well as the following peaceful conduct of the parade, signified an important step towards preserving religious freedom and cultural traditions in the region. 

The administration's efforts to engage community members and assure security measures indicated a commitment to maintaining public safety while honouring the rights of all religious groups participating.

Muharram Procession Resumes in Kashmir's Lal Chowk
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