The Man with Guts- "Bhagat Singh"
The Man with Guts- "Bhagat Singh"

HISTORY OF INDIA: The Man with Guts- "Bhagat Singh"

Bhagat Singh Jayanti: 28 September 1907 is the day when a great inspiration for various generations was born and named "The Great Bhagat Singh".

Bhagat Singh Jayanti: Bhagat Singh was born in Banga village of Lyallpur district of Punjab. He was the 2nd child of mother Vidyavati and father Kishan Singh Sandhu.

From a very early of his age, Bhagat Singh was a gutsy boy who believed in perishing the Britishers by the means of force, and unlike Mahatma Gandhi, his way of living was stated to be brutal to those who oppress someone's rights.

Bhagat Singh Jayanti: Patriotism of child Bhagat

The revolutionary kid started to show his love for the nation and its people from the age of 13 when the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh took place.

Massacre of Jallianwala bagh
Massacre of Jallianwala bagh

On the day after the incident, Bhagat Singh went to the site and collected the soil soaked with blood from the ground of Jallianwala Bagh and worshipped it.

By the age of 16, he saw a lot of suffering of Indians under the rule of Britishers and a great grudge to make his nation independent took place in his heart and his life's only purpose to live.

Bhagat Singh Jayanti: Lesson of sacrifice

When Bhagat Singh came into his adulthood, his family asked him to get married which he denied by responding that his life is been sacrificed by him to his nation and he already categorized it as his life partner.

In today's world where people can't even sacrifice the rat race for their passion, it will be a great deed if someone sacrifices his life for the nation.

This ideology of sacrificing everything should be taught to each child if we want a great personality like him.

Bhagat Singh Jayanti: His love for the books

Bhagat Singh loved reading books and there is an interesting incident related to his habit of reading when he was in jail.

So the story says that the day before his martyrdom when Pran Nath Mehta (lawyer of Bhagat Singh) came to meet him, Bhagat asked him whether he had brought the book "The Revolutionary Lennin".

Bhagat Singh and his love for books
Bhagat Singh and his love for books

When Mehta gave him the book, he suddenly went happy and grossed himself in it, and when Mehta asked him if there was anything he desired; Bhagat Singh responded, "Yes, I want to be born in the same country so that I can serve it again".

His love for his books was so high that when he was called for hanging, he said, "Won't you let me even finish the last chapter."

This all describes how much he was passionate about reading which carves out great learning for all of us that if you want to be brave, wise, and great then read a lot.

Bhagat Singh Jayanti: Last words Of Bhagat Singh

The life of Bhagat Singh was short-lived. He didn't live a hundred years, but what he was able to achieve in those 23 years values much more than a long-lived life.

Bhagat Singh was not once a hero, he is a legend who will not be forgotten from the hearts of every Indian, and at last, my hero went for another life after saying the words-

"They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit."

The Man with Guts- "Bhagat Singh"
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