Quad Summit: Ensuring security in the Indo-Pacific region a common agenda of Quad, says PM Modi at Tokyo

PM Modi while addressing the Quad summit said that the scope of the Quad had increased over the years.
PM Modi at Quad Summit
PM Modi at Quad Summit Image Source: Twitter account of PM Modi

Speaking at the Quad summit, Tokyo, PM Modi reaffirmed the fact that the security of the Indo Pacific region is one of the primary agendas of the Quad members. Addressing the success of the summit, PM Modi said,” the reason behind the success of the summit is the dedication shown by the allies. During the times of Covid, we worked together through a supply chain and dealt with the pandemic.

PMO India also reiterated that the scope of Quad had enlargened over the years and has become much more effective. Responding to India’s stand over Russian Ukraine War, PM Modi replied deftly saying US Supremo is well aware of the historic relationship of both the nations and interest

Image Source: Twitter account of PM Modi

China incessantly posing challenges in the Indo-Pacific Region

US President Joe Biden while addressing the summit raised his concern over challenges made by China and said,” China has been incessantly posing challenges in the Indo Pacific region. Biden also raised the issue of war between Russia and Ukraine and claimed that Russia is not in a mood to end the war.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Congratulations to the Newly Elected PM: PM Modi

PM Modi at the summit also congratulated the newly elected Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and said, "I congratulate Albanese. To be here within 24 hours shows your commitment to Quad."

It must be known here that The Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue consists of India, the US, Japan, and Australia as its members.

Speaking about the scope of India Australia relations, PMO India said that he has been looking forward to a bilateral meeting with the newly-elected Australian Prime Minister Albanese. Modi while expressing hope via such meeting said that during such meeting both the countries would be looking forward to multifaceted cooperation under a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, and regional and global issues of mutual interest.

PM Modi at Quad Summit
‘Will take military action if Taiwan is invaded’ President Joe Biden warns Dragon at Quad Summit

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