‘Will take military action if Taiwan is invaded’ President Joe Biden warns Dragon at Quad Summit

‘‘That's the commitment we made’’, says President Joe Biden at the Quad Summit, Tokyo.
Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Amid the Russia Ukraine war tensions, President Joe Biden for the first time gave an open threat to China to not intrude into the boundaries of Taiwan. Biden, while speaking at the Quad summit held in Japan said that if China would attack on Taiwan then America would respond to it militarily.

Biden further added, that since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the US responsibility to ensure security to Taiwan has increased. If China attacks Taiwan then America is obliged to respond militarily.

Joe Biden
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Why America raised the issue of Taiwan

As per the Taiwan Relation Act, America is bound to protect the sovereignty of Taiwan, this is the reason why America supplies arms and other necessary equipment to Taiwan.

Woudisturb the whole region

Biden while responding to questions said,” we agreed to One China Policy but it would be wrong to think that Taiwan could be occupied forcibly as it would not only be an unfair step but will also bring instability to the state.

Joe Biden
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What is the conflict?

China claims Taiwan as one of its parts, however, Taiwan considers itself as an independent nation. China had continuously been trying to put the ball in its bucket but has not been able to do so far. Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict, speculations had begun that whether China might also attack Taiwan to have a hold over it.

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