PM Oli’s big claim: India Made Fake Ayodhya, Real in Nepal

Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli claimed that India has created a fake Ayodhya for Cultural encroachment in Nepal.
Image Credit: Repu
Image Credit: Repu

Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is constantly targeting India. On Monday, he claimed that India created fake Ayodhya for cultural encroachment. Whereas, the real Ayodhya is in Nepal. Oli has previously said that India is plotting to remove him from power. Oli asked that at that time there were no modern means of transport and mobile phone (communication), so how did Ram come to Janakpur?

Nepal is culturally persecuted

Addressing an event organized at the Prime Minister's official residence Bluewater on the 206th birth anniversary of Nepali poet Bhanubhakta Acharya, he said Nepal had been culturally persecuted. Historical facts have also been broken. We still believe that we gave Sita to the Indian prince Ram.

Ayodhya in India is not real!

Image Credit: The Print
Image Credit: The Print

He claimed, however, that we did not give Sita to the prince of Ayodhya in India. Rather it was given to the prince of Ayodhya of Nepal. Ayodhya is a village located a little west of Birgunj. Ayodhya made in India is not real.

Oli's argument – how can the Rams come this far?

Oli argued that if Ayodhya of India is genuine then how can the prince come to Janakpur for marriage from there. He claimed that science and knowledge originated and developed in Nepal.

Demand for the resignation of KP Oli intensified

The demand for KP Oli's resignation has been arising for several days in Nepal. After postponing the budget session, now KP Oli can break the party by bringing an ordinance. Our associate newspaper Economic Times has received information from sources that Oli is in touch with the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, from whom he can get support. He can change the political parties act by bringing the ordinance. This will make it easier for them to divide the party. All this is happening with the support of China and Pakistan.

Sino-Pak active to save Oli

Image Credit: Deccan Herald
Image Credit: Deccan Herald

Oli is making rhetoric against India. Only after this did Pakistani PM Imran Khan contact Oli. On the other hand, the Chinese Ambassador in Nepal is also trying to keep him in power. The role of the Chinese ambassador is said to be important behind some of the steps taken by Oli recently. If the party breaks up, he will have to show 138 MPs his support. But after the ordinance, they have to show support for only 30 per cent of the MPs. In such a situation things will be easy for him as 40 per cent of the MPs are on his side.

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