Newborn Burnt Alive in UP’s Government Hospital, Duty Staff was Busy on Mobile

The family alleges that the staff of the SNCU ward was busy on mobile. He didn't even pay attention to the child.
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

A newborn baby was burnt alive on the heating pad of a warmer machine at the SNCU (Sick New Born Care Unit) at the district hospital in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. The child's body had turned blue. The warmer had become so hot that the skin from the chest to the stomach of the child was badly burnt. Smoke started pouring out of his body. This was the irresponsibility of the staff of the hospital.

Staff didn't see the baby after putting in warmer

When the hospital staff saw this, his hands and feet swelled. Immediately informed the doctors. By the time the Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Deepak Seth and the duty doctors of SNCU reached the ward, the child had already died.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

The staff of the SNCU ward was busy

Angry over this incident, the family members of the child created a ruckus in the hospital. When Manjhanpur police reached the spot and explained to them, they calmed down. The family alleges that the staff of the SNCU ward was busy on mobile. He didn't even pay attention to the child.

The woman reached the hospital for delivery on August 14

Junaid Ahmed, a resident of Harishchandrapur village in Fatehpur, had admitted his wife Mehilika to the district hospital on August 14. Mehilika gave birth to a son at 6.15 pm. The family members were very happy. He was sure that he would go home after being discharged, but the doctors & staff said that the child was not fully recovered and shifted him to the SNCU ward.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

The whole night the family members were not allowed near the newborn. On Sunday morning, when the child's maternal grandmother Shabana went to see him, the child's body had turned blue and smoke was coming out of his body. Part of the chest and abdomen were bursting.

A doctor said – I have made a mistake, forgive me

Father Junaid told that when he questioned a doctor about this incident, he said- "Sorry, a mistake has been made. After saying this he left, he was not seen again. I do not know his name, but come forward." Then I'll recognize it."

Start investigation of the case

Inspector Manish Pandey said that the matter is being investigated on the complaint of Junaid Ahmed, the father of the newborn. On the other hand, CMS Dr. Deepak Seth has also said that an investigation will be conducted. Action will be taken against the guilty staff.

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