Do not make the Mistake of Forgetting Paytm Users, Otherwise it can be Clear Account

Paytm has issued a warning about increasing fraud. In this, the company has told how hackers are targeting users' accounts. In such a situation, this fraud can be avoided by keeping in mind.
Image Credit: Entracker
Image Credit: Entracker

In Paytm, one of the popular digital payment companies in the country, fraud cases are increasing rapidly. Up to this, the company has alerted its users. The company says that in Paytm, fraud is being done in the name of KYC. But taking care of many things, this fraud can be avoided. Let's know how to avoid this fraud.

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

Hackers collect personal information from users in the name of Paytm KYC and often get them to download such apps through which they can easily hack their mobile phones. Hackers get users to download an app like Anydesk, Teamviewer and ask them code. Such users 'phone comes into their possession and they put a dent in the users' account. No one should give their personal information even after forgetting.

Hackers also hunt like this

Hackers know the password and OTP of users by creating fake websites that look like Paytm. Like, And This website seems to be the official website of Paytm but it is fake. As soon as you click on it and put your details in it, it will go to the hackers and this will empty your account.

Keep these things in mind to avoid fraud

1. Paytm KYC should always be done from the company's official store or the company's executive.

2. Keep in mind that Paytm never SMS to KYC online. Ignore the message with fake.

3. Paytm never asks its users to install any app.

4. No message or email is ever sent by Paytm for Paytm Minimum KYC.

5. Apart from this, Paytm does not send any link for cashback. Cashback is always deposited in users' Paytm wallet or bank account.

Image Credit: Paytm Blog
Image Credit: Paytm Blog

Do not give any such information if you are asked for the PIN, OTP, password, password reset link, debit / credit card CVV or PIN or bank information by the executive of Paytm. Make sure to check the ID of the executive who came to KYC.

Paytm never asks users to place details on any URL other than . Paytm never asks registration fees or tax for any lottery from its users. Stay away from such fraud.

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