DDP Bill: Digital Data Protection Bill Approved in Cabinet, 500 Crore Fine for Personal Data Leak

DDP Bill: The Digital Data Protection Bill has been approved in the cabinet. Intermediate companies cannot even process citizens' data without permission. Companies can also be fined 500 crores for leaking personal data.
Digital Data Protection Bill
Digital Data Protection Bill

DDP Bill: The Union Cabinet has approved the 'Digital Personal Data Protection Bill-2023'. This bill will be introduced in the monsoon session of Parliament.

This bill has received the opinion of 21,666 people from across the country. This bill has been built on the basis of European data protection standards.

It has been told in the Digital Data Protection Bill that if an intermediate company uses or leaks the digital data of citizens, then the company can also be fined 500 crores.

Digital Data Protection Bill
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Basis for processing digital data

  1. The intermediate company will be able to use the personal data of the consumer only after obtaining permission from the consumer.

  2. The consumer will also have the right to withdraw the permission to use the data.

  3. Without the permission of the government, the consumer's data will not be able to go out of the country.

Government decided to allow data sharing

  1. Data can be used to prevent fraud.

  2. Will be able to share data in case of merger of one company with another company.

  3. Will be able to share data for credit and loan information as well.

Government will give special provisions for digital data

Companies like Google and Amazon will not be able to take the digital data of consumers out of India. Companies will be able to do this if the government allows it.

Government Digital Data Protection Board to be set up

A Data Protection Board will be created to follow the digital data rules. Only the Data Protection Board will decide how much fine will be imposed.

Digital Data Protection Bill
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