Haridwar: Two Young Muslims Disguised As An Astrologer And A Monk, Found At Har Ki Pauri, Causing Local Unrest

One of the two Muslims apprehended at Har Ki Pauri was posing as an astrologer, the other as a monk. This occurrence in the spiritual district of Haridwar mirrors similar events previously reported in the area.
Two Muslims apprehended at Har Ki Pauri
Two Muslims apprehended at Har Ki PauriImage Credit: India TV

In Haridwar, Uttarakhand, two young Muslims, disguised as an astrologer and a monk, were discovered at Har Ki Pauri

As per the reports, Ujjwal Pandit, a member of the Teerth Purohit Samaj and minister of Shri Ganga Sabha, apprehended these individuals. The two were operating under assumed names and disguises. 

One of the young men, adorned with sandalwood paste on his forehead and dressed as an astrologer, was predicting people's futures.

The other, garbed in saffron attire and using a different name, was vending food items.

The apprehension of two Muslim youths in the Har Ki Pauri region has caused quite a commotion. 

Two Muslims apprehended at Har Ki Pauri
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Muslim youths changed their names and identities

Har Ki Pauri

Ujjwal Pandit was able to identify and apprehend them, raising questions about the effectiveness of the police and security systems in place. 

It's worth noting that this religious area prohibits the entry of non-Hindus, yet these young Muslims were able to carry out various tasks while in disguise.

Ujjwal Pandit expressed that the presence of disguised Muslims working in a place like Har Ki Pauri is quite alarming and calls into question the security measures in place. 

He shared that this isn't the first time Muslims have been identified as working in this sacred area under changed names and identities.

Same incident also happened in May

In May, an individual was apprehended near Har Ki Pauri who had been operating an eatery under a concealed identity. As per the reports, this man was managing a food outlet for pilgrims near Har Ki Pauri under a Hindu name. 

An official from the organization responsible for overseeing Hindu religious sites informed that the person's real identity was unveiled upon inspecting his Aadhaar card. 

Two Muslims apprehended at Har Ki Pauri
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