24-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide at BJP MLA's Official Residence in Lucknow

On Sunday night, a 24-year-old man was discovered hanging in the official residence of BJP MLA Yogesh Shukla in Lucknow.
Employee Dies By Suicide In BJP MLA Yogesh Shukla’s Flat
Employee Dies By Suicide In BJP MLA Yogesh Shukla’s Flat Image Credit: Twitter

A young guy committed suicide late on Sunday night at the official residence of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Yogesh Shukla in Lucknow. 

The traumatic incident occurred within Shukla's official mansion in the city's Hazratganj neighbourhood, sending shockwaves across the community.

Shrestha Tiwari, 24, of Haidergarh, a town in Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki district, has been identified as the deceased.

Tiwari was a key member of the media team for MLA Yogesh Shukla, who represents the Bakshi Ka Talab (BKT) Assembly constituency in Lucknow.


Probe into Tragic Suicide Continues

When police officers arrived at Shukla's Hazratganj apartment, they discovered Tiwari's lifeless body suspended by a rope. 

The harrowing scene left many questions unanswered, prompting investigators to launch an extensive inquiry into the events that led to Tiwari's sad decision.

As preliminary inquiries progressed, it was claimed that the young man's suicide was motivated by a family feud.. 

The police, on the other hand, are probing deeper into the situation in order to acquire a thorough knowledge of the events leading up to Tiwari's sad death.

Law enforcement officials have taken the required procedures in their quest for clarification and a greater understanding of the issue. 

Employee Dies By Suicide In BJP MLA Yogesh Shukla’s Flat
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Seeking Answers in Tragic Loss

Shrestha Tiwari's body was sent for a post-mortem examination, which is expected to provide light on possible causes that contributed to his tragic decision.

Meanwhile, the inquiry continues in the hopes of learning the entire facts behind this heartbreaking tragedy.

This tragic tragedy serves as a sharp reminder of the necessity of addressing mental health difficulties and family conflicts, emphasising the need for strong support networks and treatments to prevent such tragic results.

As the inquiry continues, the community waits for answers while grieving the loss of a young life that ended in such tragic circumstances.

Employee Dies By Suicide In BJP MLA Yogesh Shukla’s Flat
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