Rajasthan Women Voted Than Men in Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023

Jaipur: Rajasthan saw an example of women empowerment as The final voting percentage for the Rajasthan assembly elections stood at 75.45%, with more women voting in the polls than men.
Rajasthan Women Voted Than Men In Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023.
Rajasthan Women Voted Than Men In Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023.Image credit: India Ahead

JAIPUR: Women of Rajasthan surpassed men in the final voting percentage of the assembly elections to 199 seats at 75.45 percent, incorporating postal ballots, said Praveen Gupta, the state’s chief electoral officer on Sunday. Voting for the state polls came to an end on Saturday.

The full turnout via Electronic Voting Machines in the state was 74.62%. While the female voting stood at 74.72%, for males, it was 74.53%. On Saturday till 11.50 pm, the total voting percentage was 74.96%. If we refer to the last 2018 state assembly elections, the percentage count was at 74.72%. The total turnout via EVM machines was 74.24% last time.

Voting increases by 0.73% said state’s chief electoral officer

“There has been an increase of 0.73 percent in voting in the 2023 assembly elections over the last one held in 2018,” said the state’s chief electoral officer. The highest polling of 88.13 percent was documented in the Kushalgarh constituency. The lowest voting percentage was 61.24 percent in Ahore. 

With regards to polling, Kushalgarh was heeded by Pokhran at 87.79%. Marwar came just above Ahore in the lowest voting percentage at 61.29%

Electronic Voting Machines accounted for 3,92,11,399 votes cast on Saturday. The utmost boost in voting percentage over the last election was documented in the Baseri assembly constituency. There was an increase of 9.6 percent at Baseri, then in Taranagar (7.65%), followed by Aspur (7.01%).

By Manika Sharma

Rajasthan Women Voted Than Men In Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023.
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