Brutal Crime: Minor Girl Allegedly Gang-Raped by Cousins at Aunt's Home in Rajasthan

Brutal Crime: At the residence of the victim's aunt, a tragic incident took place, resulting in the survivor being hospitalized in critical condition.
Another case of rape involving a minor girl
Another case of rape involving a minor girl

In a deeply disturbing incident reported at Amba Mata Police station in Udaipur, another case of rape involving a minor girl, aged 11 years, has come to light. 

The victim's elder sister lodged a complaint, revealing that two cousins, aged 13 and 25, had allegedly assaulted her. Dy SP Chetna Bhati, the Investigating Officer, confirmed the details.

According to DSP Chetna Bhati, the victim had been staying at her aunt's house as her mother was hospitalized. It was during this period that the tragic incident unfolded, with her two cousins reportedly perpetrating the rape. 

The report also mentioned that two other relatives had sexually assaulted her and issued threats. 

Two other relatives had sexually assaulted her and issued threats
Two other relatives had sexually assaulted her and issued threats

Family, Police Respond to Girl's Assault Revelation

Upon returning home, the victim's family became alarmed by excessive bleeding, prompting them to rush her to the hospital. When questioned by doctors about the cause of the bleeding, the young girl courageously shared her harrowing ordeal.

Following the victim's admission to the hospital, medical professionals promptly performed a surgical procedure to stabilize her condition. 

Disturbingly, the young girl revealed to both her family and the doctors that her cousins had not only subjected her to the horrific assault but also threatened her with severe consequences if she dared to report the incident.

In response to her disclosure, Amba Mata Police Station initiated the legal process by registering a case against the accused individuals. 

Law enforcement officials have carried out thorough questioning of the suspects to gather necessary evidence and details surrounding the incident.

Another case of rape involving a minor girl
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Accused have been taken into custody

According to police sources, the accused individuals have been apprehended and due to their young age, it is being considered to transfer them to a juvenile detention center. This decision aligns with legal procedures and allows for the appropriate handling of minors involved in criminal cases. 

The accused will remain in custody until further progress is made in the legal proceedings against them.

Subsequently, a thorough medical examination was conducted, leading to the registration of a case under Sections 3/4 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, as well as various other sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including Section 376 D (Punishment for Gang Rape). 

Another case of rape involving a minor girl
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