Woman on Scooter Rams into Parked Car While Being Chased by Pack of Dogs

In Brahmapur, Odisha, a woman who was carrying another woman and her child on a scooter, collided with a parked car after being pursued by stray dogs.
5 Dogs Run After Scooty, Woman Carrying 2 Children Collide with Car
5 Dogs Run After Scooty, Woman Carrying 2 Children Collide with Car Image Credit: Twitter

In a startling incident in Odisha, two women and a toddler riding on a scooter crashed into a parked car at full speed, allegedly due to their fear of stray dogs chasing them. The accident resulted in injuries to both the women and the child.

A surveillance camera recorded the entire episode. According to one of the victims, they were on their way to a temple at 6 a.m. when a group of dogs began following them.

Fearing an assault, the woman riding the two-wheeler opted to raise the pace of the scooter and slammed into a car parked on that road.

Shocking incident reported from Gandhinagar

The tragic occurrence occurred on Gandhi Nagar Lane 7 in Brahmapur city. The whole event was recorded on video by a CCTV camera positioned on the scene. Supriya, Sasmita, and her kid have been identified as the victims.

The mother and child can be seen getting up in the footage, and one of the stray dogs that were beneath the scooter also rushes away. Following the event, the remainder of the dogs can also be seen fleeing. 

"A great catastrophe was averted after they crashed into the motionless car," the victim's sister stated. If we had hit an electric pole or another item or drain, the accident may have been fatal."

Following the event, the victims alerted other members of their families, who transported them to the hospital.

Menace of stray dogs is a serious issue

Meanwhile, the local people have requested that the Brahmapur Municipal Corporation (BMC) should take strict steps to control the menace of stray dogs.

Many incidents involving stray dogs attacking and even killing people have recently come to light from several areas. The event has prompted severe worries about the city's stray dog problem, forcing civic officials to take measures to remedy it.

5 Dogs Run After Scooty, Woman Carrying 2 Children Collide with Car
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