Delhi Woman Kills Boyfriend's 11-Year-Old Son And Hides Body in Bed-Storage Box

Pooja, the suspect, allegedly choked the young kid to death while he slept and hid his body in the storage compartment of their bed. Following a study of roughly 300 CCTV tapes, police caught her in the Bakkarwala district of Delhi.
The woman killed her boyfriend's son.
The woman killed her boyfriend's son. Image Credit: India Today

A 24-year-old lady named Pooja Kumari has been accused of killing her live-in partner's infant son in a terrible incident in Delhi. She allegedly saw the child as an impediment to her intentions to marry her lover. 

Pooja allegedly strangled the boy as he was sleeping at her partner's house. She then hid the body in a storage bed and fled the area.

The Delhi Police Crime Branch caught Pooja on August 13 after a lengthy search. 

This investigation entailed inspecting around 300 CCTV cameras mounted in various locations. Pooja had been eluding the cops by shifting her location frequently.

Tragic Love Triangle Leads to Murder

Crime Scene
Crime SceneImage Credit: PTI

Pooja confessed to the crime after being captured, admitting her culpability. Pooja and her partner Jitendra had been living together since 2019, according to the context of this unfortunate event. 

Jitendra was already married with a child. Jitendra returned to his wife and child after three years, which seemed to irritate Pooja. She thought Jitendra's refusal to divorce his wife was due to their 11-year-old son.

Jitendra had promised Pooja that after receiving a divorce from his wife, he would formally marry her. Pooja and Jitendra then moved into a rented house. 

However, disagreements occurred between them when Jitendra hesitated to proceed with the divorce, resulting in a disagreement.

Pooja found Jitendra's house with the help of a mutual friend on August 10. When she discovered the door ajar and the youngster asleep on the bed, she became enraged and strangled him. 

She then removed stored garments to conceal the body in a storage bed.

The woman killed her boyfriend's son.
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Woman's Emotions Unleashed

When the police learned that a youngster had been brought to the hospital on August 10 with evidence of strangling, they launched an inquiry. 

A murder investigation was launched, and over 300 CCTV tapes from the crime scene were examined. The video showed a woman, later identified as Pooja, entering Jitendra's home on the day of the incident.

A manhunt was begun to find Pooja, which included searches at her family's house and probable hiding places. She was eventually caught in West Delhi's Bakkarwala neighbourhood.

The sad episode emphasizes the intricacies of relationships as well as the disastrous implications of unrestrained emotions.

The woman killed her boyfriend's son.
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