Bittu Bajrangi, Cow Vigilante, Apprehended For Alleged Involvement in Haryana's Nuh Violence

Bittu Bajrangi, a cow vigilante, has been arrested for his alleged role in the violence that occurred during a Hindu group's march in Nuh, Haryana.
Bittu Bajrangi, a cow vigilante, has been arrested.
Bittu Bajrangi, a cow vigilante, has been arrested.

Bittu Bajrangi, a self-proclaimed cow vigilante known for his provocative views, has been arrested in connection with the Nuh violence in Haryana. 

This upheaval occurred during a Hindu group's parade. On August 1, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed against Bittu Bajrangi in response to the widespread distribution of a viral video in which he appeared dressed in saffron clothing, backed by a frightening background song.

Bittu Bajrangi had previously shared a slow-motion video clip of himself dressed in saffron while a music played with the lyrics, "Goli pe goli chalengi, baap toh baap rahega" (gunshots will be exchanged, the father will remain the father). 

Communal Unrest and Tragic Consequences

Bittu Bajrangi, who was part of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) procession that was targeted in Nuh, addressed the viral footage in an interview with India Today, explaining that he was simply responding to those who had threatened him.

On July 31, a mob attempted to stop the VHP's 'Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra' in Nuh, causing communal conflict. 

Stones were thrown and vehicles were set on fire, and the violence expanded into neighbouring Gurugram over the next few days. 

A Muslim preacher was tragically killed by Gurugram rioters, while restaurants were set on fire and stores were destroyed. Six people were killed in the violence.

Bittu Bajrangi, a cow vigilante, has been arrested.
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Unrest Highlights Communal Tension Urgency

Additional arson occurrences were been recorded in Palwal, Manesar, Faridabad, and Rewari, among other places. 

To control the combustible situation, officials had issued prohibitory measures and halted internet services in the impacted districts. 

In connection with the incident, the Haryana government claimed the arrest of 116 people and the imprisonment of 90 others. 

The scenario has highlighted the fragility of community tensions as well as the critical necessity for effective measures to safeguard social cohesion.

Bittu Bajrangi, a cow vigilante, has been arrested.
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