Imran Khan linked the mutual relations of Indo-Pak with victory and defeat in cricket

Khan said- there are two big countries and markets in our neighbourhood. We can reach Central Asia through Afghanistan.
Image Credit: Kashmir Walla
Image Credit: Kashmir Walla

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again made a ridiculous statement about India. He linked the mutual relations of two countries with victory and defeat in cricket. Imran said- It would not be right to say anything about any kind of talks with India at the moment, because they were defeated by Pakistan on the cricket field only yesterday (Sunday 24 October). The match between India and Pakistan was played under the T20 World in Dubai on Thursday. Pakistan team won by 10 wickets.

Khan is in Riyadh

Imran is currently on a tour of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In Riyadh, he addressed the Pakistan-Saudi Investment Forum. During this, he brought cricket in the middle. Khan said- there are two big countries and markets in our neighbourhood. We can reach Central Asia through Afghanistan. Khan further said- We have excellent relations with China. But, somehow India, if we make good relations with India too, then it will be very beneficial for us. I know on Sunday night we thrashed India in cricket, so it would be wrong to talk about talks or improving relations at this point in time.

Know what Rashid said –

Pakistan's Home Minister Sheikh Rashid also commented on the India-Pakistan match. In a video on Monday, Rashid said- Today Pakistan has proved its iron in all Alam-e-Islam. I regret that this is the first India-Pakistan match that I could not play (he wanted to see, but my tongue slipped) because of my national responsibilities. Today was our final and the sentiments of the Muslims of India including the Muslims of the world were with Pakistan. Fatah Mubarak to all Alam-e-Islam. Pakistan Zindabad – Islam Zindabad.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Khan didn't forget to mention Kashmir

Imran again told how important Pakistan is to the world and without it, peace cannot be restored in Afghanistan. At the same time, it has also been revealed that how talented is the young generation of Pakistan. Khan also did not forget to mention Kashmir. Said- Kashmir is the main issue between India and Pakistan. If we want to live like civilized neighbours, then this issue has to be resolved. If the people there get the rights, then there is no problem. India can also reach Central Asia through Pakistan.

Pakistan won the match easily

India lost to Pakistan for the first time in the World Cup. Batting first after losing the toss on Sunday, India scored 151/7. Captain Kohli played an innings of 57 runs. Shaheen Afridi took 3 wickets for Pakistan. Chasing a target of 152, the Pakistan openers made the match one-sided while batting with a bang. India lost this match by 10 wickets.

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