Inside story of Script to Expulse Vasundhara from Rajasthan: Secret Survey of BJP And Two Leaders Were Tasked to Stop Rebellion

Year 2023 broke the 25-year-old duopoly of Vasundhara Raje and Ashok Gehlot over Chief Ministership of Rajasthan. This year will be registered in annals of Rajasthan for change of old Guards with new. BJP flabbergasted everyone by introducing new face Bhajan Lal as new CM of State. However, script writing for farewell of Vasundhara commenced well in advance.
Inside story of Script to Expulse Vasundhara from Rajasthan
Inside story of Script to Expulse Vasundhara from Rajasthancredit- Since Independence

Secret Survey of BJP

Post presentation of last budget by Ashok Gehlot, BJP started its surveys.

BJP also organized a secret survey in which random people from around the state were asked to give their views on electing Vasundhara as next CM of the state. Results were startlingly against Vasundhara.

At the same time, RSS suggested to refrain from making Vasundhara as front face for BJP election campaign. RSS held the view that people were tired of 25 Year duopoly of Ashok Gehlot and Vasundhara Raje.

Before ticket distribution, BJP Surveyed again. This survey hinted towards full majority to BJP in state.

BJP high command listened to Raje but did not believe-

BJP high command knew that its Rajasthan faction has been divided in two camps. State BJP President Satish Punia and Vasundhara were clearly not getting along very well.

BJP, in order to keep Vasundhara content, eventually relieved Punia from his responsibility but did not bother to ask Vasundhara for her recommendation in appointing the next BJP President.

BJP high command chose CP Joshi, a man of its confidence as next BJP Chief in State. Appointment of CP Joshi on 23 March 2023 elated the Vasundhara camp.

But it did not take much time for Vasundhara camp to understand that BJP top brass had some other plans.

Rajasthan BJP President CP Joshi with PM Modi
Rajasthan BJP President CP Joshi with PM Modicredit- Twitter

Vasundhara camped in Delhi but could not meet any senior leader of the party-

Since June 2023, Vasundhara flew Delhi multiple times to enquire about her role in coming elections. Despite all her efforts, none of the national leader of party spared any time to meet Maharani.

BJP hinted Vasundhara about her upcoming fate by keeping her aside from forming of electoral strategy. Although Vasundhara was appointed as Star Campaigner, she was not given command of the campaign at any point of time.

Four electoral marches instead of one-

For last two and half decade Vasundhara had been leading the electoral yatra of BJP in Rajasthan. BJP revamped the whole model for the first time and organized four yatras in different directions.

BJP understood that if it organizes single yatra keeping Vasundhara sidelined, then this will give rise to new debate of preferring one over the other. By dividing yatra into four, BJP nibbed such debate in the bud.

Vasundhara and BJP leaders during yatra
Vasundhara and BJP leaders during yatracredit-BJP

Did not entertain in ticket distributions, tickets of hardcore supporters were denied

 Although Raje was part of all the discussions and meetings for ticket distribution. Tickets of her hardcore lieutenants such as Yunus khan, Ashok Parnami, and Rajpal Shekhawat were denied.

“Badabandi” attempts and aftermath-

Post election results Vasundhara pressurized MLAs to give written support to her. Attempts were made to holdup some MLAs in a resort as well. Sooner, high command was notified of all such attempts. Vasundhara was quickly summoned to Delhi and was suggested to refrain from such futile measures.

Task to stop rebellion

BJP was well aware that Vasundhara supporter MLAs can express their displeasure and even may orchestrate rebellion against appointment of Bhajan Lal as CM of State.

Hence, senior BJP leader and observer for Rajasthan Rajnath Singh asked Vasundhara to announce name of Bhajan Lal Sharma herself.

Meanwhile two defeated BJP leaders Rajendra Rathore and Satish Punia were instructed to remain present during the meeting of parliamentary board.

Both the leaders were kept on stand-by to redress any possible revolt among the MLAs. However, non-of the BJP MLAs expressed their displeasure over the naming of Bhajan Lal.

Inside story of Script to Expulse Vasundhara from Rajasthan
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