Gujarat Election 2022: 6 Points that Promises Victory of BJP

Gujarat Election 2022: With the elections going on in Gujarat, the prediction had been made for the victory of the BJP. Certain reasons had been put forth by the people which satisfy the prediction. This article gives and explains the 6 reasons that ensure the victory of the BJP in Gujarat.
Gujarat Election 2022: 6 Facts That Promises Victory of BJP
Gujarat Election 2022: 6 Facts That Promises Victory of BJP

Gujarat Election 2022: Assembly elections in Gujarat will be interesting this time. Although the direct contest is between the two major parties BJP and Congress. This time the contest has become interesting with the claim of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Asaduddin Owaisi's party (AIMIM).

Along with this, former police officer D.G. Vanzara, an encounter specialist, has also made the election battle more interesting by announcing to contest from all the seats of Gujarat by forming a new party 'Praja Vijay' party.

Aam Aadmi Party in Gujarat
Aam Aadmi Party in Gujarat

The major voters of both AAP and AIMIM parties are Muslim class. Congress party, which has been doing the politics of appeasement, is more dependent on Muslim voters, in such a situation, the question is which party will be represented by the people of the Muslim community.

It will be known soon, but the division of Muslim voters is certain this time. In such a situation, once again the BJP seems to be getting the upper hand.

In the recent pre-poll survey also, the victory of the BJP is considered to be confirmed. The reasons that ensure this result are as follows-

Gujarat Election 2022: 6 Facts That Promises Victory of BJP
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Influence of Narendra Modi in Gujarat 

It is known to everyone that the magic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi runs all over India i.e. in every state of the country. PM Modi has a great influence on voters.

A huge crowd of people has gathered in his every election meeting and slogans of 'Modi-Modi' are chanted throughout the campaign.

Ever since Modi took over the reins of power in India, he has won many elections on his own for the BJP.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi  in Gujarat
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat

Apart from that, Narendra Modi himself is from Gujarat and has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat four times. His home state Gujarat is under BJP rule for the last 27 years.

In such a situation, it is natural for the people of Gujarat to play Modi magic in this election as well.

Offerings to the state this year 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Gujarat four times in three months, August, September, and October. The first time was on 27-28 August, the second time on 29-30 September, and the third time from 9 to 11 October.

Prime Minister laid the foundation stone to the projects worth Rs 15,670 crores
Prime Minister laid the foundation stone to the projects worth Rs 15,670 crores

On the first visit, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone and inaugurated projects worth more than Rs 4,000 crore. On the second visit, a hospital built at a cost of over Rs 1,200 crore was inaugurated.

On the third and the fourth tour of PM Modi, he laid foundation stones and various development projects worth Rs 15,670 crores in Gujarat.

Panna committee model

In this election, BJP entered the fray with a new model. This model has been named Panna committee. For every page of the voter list, 5 members have been made in a committee.

Panna Committee Model
Panna Committee Model

In this, it will be the responsibility of every member that he will get the vote of 3 people in his family for BJP. The party has made 82 lakh Panna members in the entire state.

Cheap gas and hike in MSP 

Political analysts on Gujarat elections say that the BJP had never entered Gujarat with such an intensive campaigning strategy.

It is being seen for the first time that party workers from UP-Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra are roaming from village to village and informing people about BJP's works.

The BJP is confident of its victory in the Gujarat Assembly elections. The party is taking all measures for this.

Cheap Gas and Hike of the MSP
Cheap Gas and Hike of the MSP

The reduction in gas prices in Gujarat is also being seen as an attempt to appease the voters in the same episode. The hike in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops and the BJP's massive victory in the Goa Civic Polls is also expected to give the party a better impact on the Gujarat-Himachal elections.

Focus on Patidars 

In the Gujarat elections, BJP is focusing on the Patidar community this time. In front of the community which had given a big challenge to the party in 2017, BJP has now made Bhupendra Patel its biggest option.

The party is confident that Bhupendra Patel's politics and his style of working will benefit him in this election. Bhupendra Patel is the sitting MLA from Ghatlodiya Assembly Constituency in Gujarat.

 Bhupendra Patel
Bhupendra Patel

He comes from the Patidar community. Bhupendra Patel is considered a grassroots leader in Gujarat. Patel's age is 59 years.

He is a resident of the Shilaj area of ​​Ahmedabad. Talking about education, according to the information received, he has done diploma in civil engineering.

Letter of Mahathug Sukesh 

Mahathug Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who was associated with the Aam Aadmi Party, has increased the problems of Kejriwal and his party by issuing letters one after the other against former Delhi minister Satyendar Jain and the Aam Aadmi Party.

Mahathug Sukesh Chandrashekhar
Mahathug Sukesh Chandrashekhar

In letters to the Governor of Delhi, Sukesh Chandrashekhar has given 50 crores to Kejriwal in the name of giving the Rajya Sabha ticket, including funding of crores of rupees in elections for the Aam Aadmi Party and in the name of facilities in jail.

Gujarat Election 2022: 6 Facts That Promises Victory of BJP
Gujarat Election 2022: BJP to get Benefit from AAP's Entry, Congress's Troubles Increase

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