ED May Arrest Kejriwal for Skipping Third Summon

AAP supremo and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal stated that central government wants to arrest him using ED and CBI. Meanwhile ED Sources hints a fourth summon may get issued.
ED May Arrest Kejriwal for Skipping Third Summon
ED May Arrest Kejriwal for Skipping Third Summon

Today is going to be a long day in Delhi amid speculations of Arvind Kejriwal’s potential arrest in Delhi Liquor Policy Case or so the leaders of AAP suggest.

Possibility of arrest came after Arvind Kejriwal skipped third ED summon in a row. First two being delivered to him on 2nd November and 21 December.

Arvind Kejriwal also aired a speech in which he stated “if we have done any corruption then where is the money? Has it disappeared in thin air?”

He further added “BJP wants to arrest me. My biggest strength is my integrity. They want to discredit me my delivering baseless summons. They want to strike on my integrity. My lawyers suggested that these summonses are illegal.”

Understanding Delhi liquor policy Same in 5 Points

1.       New liquor policy was introduced in November 2021

Then deputy CM Manish Sisodia announced new liquor policy on 22 March 2021. He declared that liquor shops in Delhi will go into the hands of private players. Sisodia argued that the new policy will put an end to the mafia Raj and secondly it will increase the government revenue.

New policy was enforced on 17th November 2021, this policy allowed unlimited discounts on liquor which did increase the government exchequer.

2.       July 2022, allegations of scam in liquor policy-

Then chief secretary of Delhi Naresh Kumar sent a report to LG Saxena of Delhi over alleged scam in the liquor policy. This report stated that Sisodia gave unjust benefits to large liquor businesses. At the other hand LG alleged that the policy was enforced without taking permission of LG and Cabinet.

3.       August 2022 CBI and ED filed a case-

17th august on demand of LG Saxena, CBI started probe over the allegations. On the basis of preliminary investigation CBI named deputy CM Sisodia, three retired government officers, 9 businessmen and two companies as prime accused.

On 19 august CBI raided Sisodia’s office, residence and 31 other locations spread over 7 states. On 22 august ED took over the case to probe money laundering allegations.

4.       July 2022 Delhi Government scrapped the new liquor policy-

On 28 July Delhi Government scrapped the new liquor policy and reinstated the old policy.  Cabinet statement issued on 31 July stated that despite hike in liquor sales, government exchequer took a toll because small dealers are pulling out of the business.

5.       February 2023 Sisodia was arrested

Since Sisodia held the portfolio of excise department, he was made prime accused in the case. After several rounds of questioning Sisodia was finally arrested on 26 February. He is still in jail.

Sisodia being taken for questioning
Sisodia being taken for questioning
ED May Arrest Kejriwal for Skipping Third Summon
Sisodia's Troubles in Delhi Excise Policy Case Continue, ED Custody Extended

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