Forts in Rajasthan: "Royal House Of Jaipur"- City Palace

Forts in Rajasthan: The city of Jaipur and its forts, palaces, and great architecture is full of stories, facts, and myths. Today, Jaipur is one of the main metropolitan cities in India, But what makes Jaipur special is the legacy contained by it along with its modernization.
Forts in Rajasthan: Royal House Of Jaipur- City Palace
Forts in Rajasthan: Royal House Of Jaipur- City Palace

Forts in Rajasthan: The City Palace was the residential palace of the royals of Jaipur built by Sawai Jai Singh in the year 1727.

Until 1949, the palace was the administrative and ceremonial seat of Maharaj of Jaipur.

Location and History

The complex is situated in the heart of Jaipur city around six miles away from the former centre of the Rajput kingdom of Amer.

History determines that the shifting of the kingdom to Jaipur was due to the shortage of water and the increasing population of the kingdom.

Inside view of City Palace
Inside view of City Palace

It is also said that after the death of Sawai Jai Singh in 1744, wars between the Rajput kingdoms led to the instability of the city, but Maharaja Ram Singh sided with the British Raj against the revolt of 1857, which safeguarded the city.

Forts in Rajasthan: Royal House Of Jaipur- City Palace
Forts in Rajasthan: Palace in Middle Of Water- "JAL MAHAL"


  • The most interesting fact about the City Palace is its four gates that represent the four different seasons.

  • Mor Dwar represents the Autumn season.

  • Kamal Dwar represents the Summer season.

  • Gulab Dwar represents the Winter season.

  • Leheriya Dwar represents the Spring season.

  • There are three entrances to reach the City Palace- Udaipole, Virendra pole, and Tripolia gate. The Tripolia gate only opens when the royals arrive, otherwise, it remains closed.

Tripolia gate of City Palace
Tripolia gate of City PalaceImage Credit: Alamy

Places to visit in City Palace

  • Thikana Mandir Shri Govind Dev Ji

Govind Dev Ji
Govind Dev Ji Jakub Halun

One of the most hyped places in Jaipur is the Govind Dev Ji temple, people from all over the world come here. The temple itself kept a lot of stories of history.

  • Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar

It is one of the best architects given by the Rajput King Sawai Jai Singh II, a great astronomer and mathematician.

He helped in the establishment of the Jantar Mantar at various places in India to study the stars and time.

  • Sileh Khana

Sileh Khana
Sileh Khana

It's the place that showcases all the arms which were used by the Kachhwaha Rajput warriors to fight in the war. The place inspires the inner soul of every Rajput virtue of valour.

City Palace museum

The museum of the palace is well organized and furnished with various legends from the past. The most exciting thing is the clothes of the kings and queens of the Rajput kingdom.

The museum consists of heavy clothes of Madho Singh II which weighed around 200 kg. Apart from this, there is another fun fact that says the king had 108 queens, but why a fun fact? coz in today's world, managing one is quite next to impossible.

Museum of City Palace
Museum of City Palace
  • Today, in City Palace only the ground floor is open to the public on the general tour. There is a special luxury tour that takes you to the upper echelons of the Chandra Mahal. Each of the floors has a unique name and has been built by a particular Maharaja.

  • The second floor is called the Sukh Niwas.

  • Rang Mandir is on the 3rd floor and is adhoring to its decor of mirrors and colours.

  • Shobha Niwas is on the 4th floor of Chandra Mahal. This is where the king performed Laxmi Puja on the day of Diwali.

  • Chavvi Niwas is on the 5th floor and has a decor of various images.

  • The 6th floor is called the Shri Niwas.

  • The last and the 7th floor is called the Mukut Niwas. Mukut means crown and this is where the flags are hoisted.

Spell-Binding Facts Of City Palace

  • There are two large sterling steel containers in the City Palace which hold a Guinness World Record as the world's largest sterling silver vessels.

    Stories also say that the containers were used by king Madho Singh II as water containers while the trip to England in 1902.

Largest steel container
Largest steel containerImage Credit: John & Hong Murphy
  • The flag at the top of Chandra Mahal belongs to the royal family and is only unfurled when the Maharaja is in the palace.


The City Palace of Jaipur is the elite part of the Rajput royalty and culture of inheritance. The palace consists of many untold stories which are still unspoken, and to hear them out loud you have to visit this palace by yourself.

"Well, Life is not what we know about it, it is the curiosity to explore more and I'm doing the same to live it to the very extent", So why don't you?

Forts in Rajasthan: Royal House Of Jaipur- City Palace
Forts in Rajasthan: Palace Of Breeze-"Hawa Mahal"

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