Forts in Rajasthan: Palace in Middle Of Water- "JAL MAHAL"

Forts in Rajasthan: The city of Jaipur and one of the best palaces which is surrounded by water- "Jal Mahal" holds a great heritage within. The picturesque view tells everything about the great heritage of the Rajput dynasty and the legacy left by the great ruler for us.
Jal Mahal palace
Jal Mahal palaceImage Credit: Swadeshi

Forts in Rajasthan: Jal Mahal, a palace situated in the middle of the "MAN SAGAR" lake of Jaipur city around the year 1699. The palace is a five-story building.

Out of which, four are submerged in the water while one floor remains on the top to showcase the palace. There are four octagonal-shaped "Chattris" on the top of the palace, which enhances the beauty of the palace.

Talking about the appearance of the Jal Mahal, there is a long passage in front including the gardens, from where an individual can see the whole palace in a single glance. The view is full of peace and satisfaction.

With this, there is a long-running track that leads to the back of the "JAL MAHAL", which goes alongside the Aravalli ranges and makes a great view to look at.


On the terrace of the Jal Mahal, there are some "CHHATRIS" and "CENOTAPHS" for tribute to the great rulers of Jaipur including Pratap Singh, Madho Singh II, and Jai Singh II.

CHHATRIS and CENOTAPHS of Jal MahalImage Credit: jaipurcityblogs

The monument has been renovated from time to time and the expansion of the palace has also been done in the 18th century.

In the 21st century, the government of Rajasthan has given the restoration works of the palace to the KGK group for the last 9 years.

Jal Mahal palace
SAWAI JAI SINGH: Kachhwaha Rajput Ruler of Amer Kingdom

Forts in Rajasthan: Architecture of Jal Mahal

The palace is mainly constituted with paintings on every wall. Although every hall of the palace is also constituted with the "Rajput-Mughal" architecture.

On top of that, the best part of the palace is the terrace where a beautifully organized garden is carved out for the showcase of the Jal Mahal.

Inside view of Jal Mahal
Inside view of Jal Mahal

The original garden which was constructed by that time was ruined and was rebuilt for the inheritance of the heritage of the Rajput culture.

Forts in Rajasthan: Why one should visit Jal Mahal?

There can be a lot of reasons to visit the Jal Mahal, but there are some top-notch reasons that you can put when someone asks you why to visit "Jal Mahal".

  • The peaceful picturesque view can turn your inner soul towards the true beauty of nature.

  • The vendors of the Jal Mahal are quite full of stories, once you went to them there is no need for any guide.

  • The long passway in the front and the back gives a great adventure as you get to see many things when you explore it.

  • The evening of the Jal Mahal is quite a friendly one, as a lot of new friends can be made from the crowd.

  • Apart from all this, the great architecture of the palace and its neighbourhood will automatically attract you.

Jal Mahal palace
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Jal Mahal side view
Jal Mahal side viewImage Credit: pintrest

Forts in Rajasthan: Things that you must do when you visit Jal Mahal


If anyone is going to the Jal Mahal palace, one of the best things they can do there is boat riding, which costs around INR 300. It will be the most loved ride for you.

Boat ride in Jal Mahal
Boat ride in Jal Mahalimage credit: jaipurcityblog

Another thing one can do is a Camel ride, which will surely give you the authentic flavour of Rajasthan and you will also get a taste of how height feels from the top of the Camel. This costs around INR150.

Camel ride in Jal Mahal
Camel ride in Jal MahalImage credit: DNA

Best time to visit JAL MAHAL

Well, the time that best suits the visit to any part of Jaipur is the monsoon season as the dim lights, foggy clouds, and windy air creates a greater romanticism far from the imagination of the world.


"Life is what we call doing something unexpected, and the way to be unexpected is to explore the world through naked eyes and with a healthy soul. So get up and go out there to explore the world and create your own one, a world in which you can smile without hesitation"

Drone Shot of Jl Mahal
Drone Shot of Jl Mahalimage credit: horizon worldwide
Jal Mahal palace
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