9 Benefits of Satvik Diet: Virat and Akshay Adopted these Habits too

Chandodgay Upnishad has the first mention of satvik food. Where it is said that Satvik food keeps our mind and body healthy and we feel a new and pure energy in ourselves. Even Bhagwadgeeta praises the Satvik food.
Satvik Diet
Satvik Diet

What is Satvik Eating ?

Our traditions talk of three types of eatings. One being 'Satvik' and other two being 'Tamsik' and 'Rajsik'.

Rajsik Foods are the foods which were eaten in royal households this kind of food includes spices and multiple taste enhancing ingredients. At the other hand Tamsik foods include Onion, Liquor and meat etc.

Whereas, the Satvik food is nature based diet, including fruits and vegetables etc. Satvik food is generally eaten after boiling.

Benefits of Satvik Eating?

Whole grains, germinated grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, dry fruits, paneer,honey, herbal tea and ghee are example of satvik food.

According to Ayurveda, Satvik food brings peace, happiness,energy and clarity of thoughts to the person.

9 Health Benefits of Satvik food-

1. Satvik food provides a balanced nourishment to the body which includes proteins, anti-oxidants, minerals and mono-saturated fats.

2. Due to lesser use of oil and spices, satvik food gives clarity of thoughts and calmness.

3. Satvik food contains appropriate amount of fibers which are necessary for healthy guts.

4. Ample amount of anti-oxidants protects from chronic diseases.

5. Satvik foods have high detoxing capabilities. Which ward off all the toxins from the body.

6. Body Feels more energised due to regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.

7. Satvik foods have high value of Vitamins and minerals, which keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

8. Satvik Foods keep diseases like cancer, diabetes and hyper tension away.

9. Satvik Food brings positivity of thoughts.

Satvik Diet
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