5 Best Beaches of Maharashtra that Offer Great Pleasure to Visitors

Best Beaches of Maharashtra: The centralized origin of Bollywood and home to most of its actors, Mumbai is truly a city that can be called the "Dream city of India". But do you know that the Maharashtra state keeps some of the best beaches in the world, which makes it worthy of a visit for any tourist around the globe?
5 Best Beaches in Maharashtra
5 Best Beaches in Maharashtra

Best Beaches of Maharashtra: The state Maharashtra covers 720 KM of its land area attached to the Arabian Sea and those fantastic beaches offer everything from adventurous sea surfing to sand baths to snorkelling to bird-watching to authentic coastal cuisine.

Mumbai, one of the most popular cities in India and definitely the heart of Maharashtra, encloses many lovely beaches like Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Beach, Madh Island Beach and Alibaug Beach.

Some of the best beaches that offer great pleasure to visitors are as follows-

Juhu Beach

This beach is located in the Mumbai city of Maharashtra and is among the poshest beaches in Mumbai. A lot of movie stars live near this beautiful beach and can be seen walking along the seashore sometimes.

Juhu beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Mumbai. You can enjoy various fun things like horse riding and sea surfing here.

Juhu beach in Mumbai
Juhu beach in Mumbai

This beach is located near Versova, the largest fishing community in Mumbai. With huge buildings and beautiful bungalows, this beach looks like a crown of diamonds in the night.

Mandwa and Kihim Beach

For someone who seeks peace in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai can go to this beautiful and peaceful place situated 10 KM away from the main city.

Mandwa and Kihim Beach
Mandwa and Kihim Beach

Mandwa and the Kihim beach of the city are full of dense coconut trees, wildflowers, and chirping birds all around, appealing to nature lovers to spend more time at the beach. The pollution-free environment of this beach lets tourists see the real beauty of nature.

Tarkarli Beach

This beach is situated 546 KM away from Mumbai on the coast of Maharashtra.

The Tarkarli beach is surrounded by tall Suru trees and the Karli river and the water near this beach looks clear, providing a great panoramic view to its visitors.

Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra
Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra

Apart from that, Sindhudurg Fort and Padmgarh Fort are the major attractions around the beach.

Devbag Sangam, Vengurla rocks, the backwaters of Karli river, Nivti beach (an ideal spot for spotting dolphins), and Bhogave Beach are some of the must-see tourist places around Tarkarli Beach.

Velneshwar Beach

This beach hosts a very astonishing fest on the day of Maha Shivratri (Festival of Lord Shiva). This beach also possesses different varieties of Flora and Fauna around it.

Velneshwar Beachin Maharashtra
Velneshwar Beachin Maharashtra Image Credit: Konkan.me

Apart from the activities like sunbathing, sun basking, boat ride, etc. Velneshwar beach is also famous for an old Shiva temple, which remains visited frequently by its visitors.

Vengurla Malvan Beach

This beach is among the best places for weekend picnics in Maharashtra. The only beach of Maharashtra remains full of Mango, Cashew, and coconut trees. 

Vengurla Malvan beach in Maharashtra
Vengurla Malvan beach in Maharashtra

This place was set on fire by the attackers during the period 1664-1812 and is named the Burnt island of Maharashtra. Vengurla beach which lies in the old town of Malvan is almost hidden by palms and is famous for salt pans, Chinese clay pottery, and the special Malvani cuisine, which is quite different from the Konkan food.

5 Best Beaches in Maharashtra
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