Kodinhi Village of Kerala: Home to 400 Pairs of Twins

Kodinhi Village of Kerala: A sleepy village in the heart of India, upholding the mystery of 400 pairs of twins is still a wonder to scientists and researchers from all around the globe.
Kodinhi: Mystery of Twin Village in Kerela
Kodinhi: Mystery of Twin Village in Kerela

Kodinhi Village of Kerala: In this world of modernization and growth, there are some places that showcase a different world to the people.

Many strange incidents happen in the world, which gathers a lot of headlines in the country and abroad.

Kodinhi Village of Kerala: Village of Twins

Today, this article is about a village where most of the children born are twins. This village is located in the Malappuram district of the Indian state of Kerala.

This uniqueness of the village is being discussed in the country and the world for a long time.

KodinhiVillage of Kerala: Village of Twins
KodinhiVillage of Kerala: Village of Twins

After all, why are so many twins born in the village? Several teams of scientists came to the village to investigate this, but they could not uncover the mystery.

Kodinhi Village of Kerala: People's Testimony about twin village

The villagers say that this village is blessed by the gods, due to which the village is full of twins. In the last 50 years, more than three hundred pairs of twins have been born in this village.

In 2016, a team of researchers including CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS), and University of London came to uncover this mystery and took samples of the hairs and blood of the folks of the village.

Kodinhi Village of Kerala: Twins in Kondinhi
Kodinhi Village of Kerala: Twins in Kondinhi

Well, the result came out nothing and the researchers headed back to their labs. The people also say that the environmental conditions of the village make this happen.

Well, the villagers gave the above statement after the birth of twins in a family where no twins were born ever.

Praseena- an only daughter of Sukumaran, a government official, whose family is living in Kodinhi for the last two generations. His family has had no twin births till now, but Praseena gave birth to a pair of twins.

This village is truly something exciting as it is one of the places which is quite unanswered even by science.

Kodinhi: Mystery of Twin Village in Kerela
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