IIT Kharagpur Placements: Highest Package Worth 2.6 Crores This Year

IIT Kharagpur Placements: Placement at IIT Kharagpur went up to 2 crores for a student in the session of 2022-2023.
Highest Package Worth 2.6 Crores in IIT Kharagpur this Year
Highest Package Worth 2.6 Crores in IIT Kharagpur this Year

IIT Kharagpur: The Indian Institute of Technology is among the most reputated and decorated engineering colleges in India, controlled and continued by the Ministry of Education of India.

There are branches of IITs spread all across India, and these days, these colleges are being the most important deal for any student around the globe.

Placements at IIT Kharagpur this year

This year, 760 students of IIT Kharagpur have been successful in the placements done at the institute's college campus.

All the big industrial companies were there on the first day of placement, and 16 international companies also participated to further provide a platform for the best minds of India to grow on.

On the first day of the placement, the highest package given to a student went all the way up to 2 crores as CTC.

Placements in IIT Kharagpur this year
Placements in IIT Kharagpur this year

The IIT Kharagpur placement session (Phase 1) was a total success and the college is congratulating students as well as employers for their hardships and struggles, at last, being paid off.

Internship offers through IIT Kharagpur

This year the college has attracted more than 800 companies for internship offers. The college has provided its students with some great internships in companies and fields like software, analytics, consulting, finance, and banking, which surely promises a great future ahead for the students.

The students of IIT this year have received substantial amounts of offers from international as well as domestic companies with high-paying jobs and a better lifestyle.

Companies who offer jobs in IITs

A large number of companies with a great image in the market have offered the IITians to be part of their reputed organization and to be a reason for the further upliftment of the company.

Companies who Offer Jobs In IITs
Companies who Offer Jobs In IITs

This year, companies like Apple, Airbus, Capital One, EXL Service, Google, Graviton, Microsoft, Rubrik, and Squarepoint, took part in the placement process and offered some life-changing packages to the students.

Highest Package Worth 2.6 Crores in IIT Kharagpur this Year
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