Doctor’s Day 2021: History, Slogans, and Quotes for Praising Doctors

Since 1991, the first date of July every year has been established to be recognized and celebrated as National Doctor’s Day.
Doctor’s Day 2021: History, Slogans, and Quotes for Praising Doctors

Doctors are given a lot of respect in the world, in fact, they are worshipped in India. Although a person is not capable of comparing him with God, the doctor has achieved this status through his work. Although life and death are in the hands of God, not man, now God has given man the right to give life by making him a doctor. We call this life-giver a doctor, who gives birth to us, as well as saves us from death at times. In the medical field, doctors have made progress day by day. Today the doctor can cure the biggest disease.

Today, with the help of the miracles of science, doctors have been able to reach that level. It is celebrated to honour and salute the doctor's dedication, devotion to work, loyalty, honesty, dedication. To know the complete information about this day and what is its history, have a look at this article.

National Doctor's Day History

Doctor's Day in India was started in 1991 by the then Government of India. Since then the first date of July every year has been established to be recognized and celebrated as National Doctor's Day. This day was ensured across India to honour and pay tribute to the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, who was named Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Image Credit: WBXPress
Image Credit: WBXPress

He was born on 1 July 1882 in Patna city of Bihar and died at the age of 80. He completed his medical graduation from Calcutta and obtained MRCP and FRCP degrees in London in 1911 and after coming back to India he started his medical career as a doctor in India in the same year. He was a famous doctor and famous educationist of the country as well as a freedom fighter, because he took part in the movements carried out by Mahatma Gandhi, and also took care of him in his fast. Therefore, to honour and remember such a great personality, Doctor's Day was started.

When and Where Doctors Day is Celebrated

Doctors' Day is celebrated in India as well as in some other countries. When and where this day is celebrated is shown below –


In our country, it is celebrated on 1st July, which is the date of birth of a great doctor here as well as the date of his death. His name was Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.


National Doctors Day is celebrated here as a holiday on 18 October, the birthday of St. Luke in the Catholic Church who was a great doctor.

National Doctors Day 2021
National Doctors Day 2021


Here to celebrate the birthday of Carlos Juan Finlay, 3 December is celebrated as the National Doctors Day holiday. It was a Cuban physician and scientist who researched yellow fever and was recognized for it.

Image Credit: eHealth Magazine
Image Credit: eHealth Magazine


In Iran, this day is celebrated on 23 August, which was the birthday of the great doctor Avicenna.


In America, it is celebrated on 30 March, which is the day on which the service of doctors is recognized annually. The idea of ​​celebrating this day was given by Dr. Charles B. Almond and his wife Eudora Brown came to Almond. And this day was the first anniversary of the use of general anaesthesia in surgery. In fact, on March 30, 1942, in Jefferson, Georgia, Dr. Crawford Long used ether to sedate a patient named James Venable.


Here on 28 February 1955, Doctor's Day was established. Since then it is celebrated on this date.


Doctors Day is also celebrated in the country of Nepal on 4th March. After the establishment of the Nepal Medical Association, Nepal has organized this day every year. On this day, doctor-patient communication, clinical treatment and community-based health promotion are discussed about care.

Doctor's Day Slogans

Some of the slogans related to National and World Doctor's Day are as follows –

  • A good doctor gives long advice instead of a long prescription.
  • Diagnosis of the disease is not the end but the beginning of practice.
  • A person cannot be a doctor, who is himself sick.
  • An only doctor is a person in the world whom a man looks at with hope, as he is praying to a god.
Image Credit: Homeo Clinic
Image Credit: Homeo Clinic

Quotes for Doctor's Day 2021

Some Quotes on Doctor's Day are as follows –

  • When you treat a disease, you have to treat the mind first.
  • Medicines are not always necessary in health benefits, faith in a Doctor is also necessary for this.
  • Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice.
  • Doubt on  Doctor creates fear in the form of diseases.
  • The worst part about medicines is that one type of medicine creates other needs than one.
  • Maintaining the will of a man against his illness is the best art of a Doctor.
  • In the art of Doctor, the patient is entertained while the process cures the disease.
  • The doctor should be opaque and like a mirror to his patients, but he should never show them what he has been shown.
  • A good doctor cures disease, while a great doctor treats a patient who is sick.
  • Only the art of healing is able to make a name for the Doctor, and at the same time benefit others.
  • The mark of a true doctor is indistinct.
  • He is a very good doctor who is the simplest motivator for hope.
  • Wherever the art of the Doctor is loved, humanity is also loved.
  • When we lose all our hopes then only the doctor has the magical power to cure that life to bring hope.
  • When we cry, we need shoulders, when we are in pain, we need medicine, but when we are in tragedy, we need a doctor.
  • There is nothing a man other than Doctor can do more on the way closer to God than to heal the man.

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