US President Biden’s Approval Drops to Lowest of the 7-month Presidency

The interesting thing is that Joe Biden and his team are also going to participate in this summit on November 1 and 2.
US President Biden’s Approval Drops to Lowest of the 7-month Presidency
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A common question is being raised in some circles of the American media. And that is, is President Joe Biden taking decisions and running the government on the advice of his former boss Barack Obama? Biden entered the White House as president on January 20. More than 9 months passed, but Biden's approval rating did not exceed 50%. Most of his decisions are being questioned. Whether it is the issue of higher tax collection, Covid control, or the issue of Afghanistan. Let us have a look at some things related to this issue.

Biden still consults with Obama

In March, there were reports that Biden still consults with Obama on almost every issue. When asked about this from the White House, the answer was – Yes, President Biden regularly talks to Obama on professional and personal matters. However, the White House did not say how many times the talks between the two took place. There is a governor's election in Virginia. Here the rating of Biden's party, that is, Democratic Party candidate Terry McAulfi is falling. Now Obama is reaching here on 23 October for damage control. First Lady Jill Biden is also coming.

Image Credit: The White House
Image Credit: The White House

Obama and Biden in one summit

The UN's COP26 climate summit is to be held next month. It will take place in Glasgow (Scotland). The Paris Climate Agreement was done during Obama's era and the special thing is that Barack Obama will also participate from America's side in this summit. The interesting thing is that Joe Biden and his team are also going to participate in this summit on November 1 and 2. However, it is not certain whether Obama and Biden will attend the summit together or whether their events will be separate.

Defense on every issue, but the biggest challenge

Biden recently introduced a $ 3.5 trillion bill to give strength to the American economy. On September 27, Obama made a statement in favor of the bill. Said- If rich people pay a little more tax, then work can be done on child care and other things too. We also need funding for work on new buildings, roads, bridges, ports, and climate change. Mid-term elections are to be held next year. According to 'Fox News, the speed with which Biden's popularity is decreasing, it seems that Democrats are going to come under deep pressure. So, Obama is now advising Biden on every issue. Who will be the main face of the campaign? It is not decided.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Very bad rating

In America, the President's approval rating gives an idea of ​​​​what the general public has about a president or his government. On October 6, the results of the Quinnipiac University survey were released. According to them, Biden's approval rating is only 38%, while the disapproval rating is 53%. The same ratio was 42%-50% in September. Obviously, Biden's popularity is declining very fast. Biden's rating never went above 50% for the first 6 months, roughly between January and August. On average, Biden has an approval rating of 45% and a disapproval rating of 49% in its tenure so far.

Two main reasons

After August, it fell very sharply. There were two main reasons for this. First- the hasty decision and negligence of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Second- All the flaws in Covid control and vaccination. Now that there are mid-term elections next year and Trump is thumping, Biden will have to be careful. Otherwise, Biden will be greatly weakened in the Senate and the Republican Party will snatch victory from his hand in the election to be held after three and a half years.

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