Youth Found Dead in House: Lucknow

The father of the young man has filed a lawsuit suspecting the murder
Youth Found Dead in House: Lucknow

Traders businessman Suraj Singh (22), who was renting in Tiwaripur New Basti in Jankipuram in Lucknow killed on Wednesday night. His head was bleeding. The brother took him to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

The father of the young man has filed a lawsuit suspecting the murder. According to the police, Ram Murthy Singh, originally resident of Atrauli Bhattpur in Hardoi, is retired as a constable. He is a tenant in the house of Anand Mishra, a resident of Tiwarpur New Basti along with Wife Kusma, Sons Ashutosh and Suraj.

According to Ashutosh, on Wednesday, the parents had gone to Bua's house thirteenth in Alambagh. While Suraj had to go to the table, at around 11 am, when the family reached home, he saw that Suraj was lying on the porch and bleeding. He was taken to the hospital, but he died in the middle way. Ram Murthy said that blood stains have been found on the stairs and roof.

After the post-mortem, doctors say that the cause of Suraj's death has not been clear. The bed is kept safe. Foam was also coming out of his mouth. The head injury is not deep enough to cause death. On the other hand, Inspector Mo. Ashraf says that call details are being taken out by taking Suraj's mobile.

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