Yoga Teacher’s Private Part Cut by a Woman in Jaipur, became Friends on Social Media

It was told in the FIR that he had met a 35-year-old girl through social media. She is also a yoga teacher.
Source: Google, Image by- Times Now
Source: Google, Image by- Times Now

In Jaipur, a woman severed the private part of a yoga teacher with a sharp weapon. The seriously injured yoga teacher underwent treatment in the trauma ward of SMS Hospital. He has filed a case against the woman in Bhankrota police station on Thursday under sections of attempt to murder and assault. The investigation of which has been handed over to a sub-inspector.

According to the information received from the police, the 28-year-old man, who is a yoga teacher by profession is originally from Bikaner. He was living in Jaipur for the last three to four years and was a trainer of yoga in Jaipur.

It was told in the FIR that he had met a 35-year-old girl through social media. She is also a yoga teacher. There was a good rapport and conversation between them. They also started visiting each other's houses.

On November 16, when he was returning home after taking a yoga class, the woman called him to her flat

Source: Google, Image by- Momspresso
Source: Google, Image by- Momspresso

The victim told that he was returning home after taking a yoga class on November 16. Then a call came from the same woman. During the conversation, she ordered milk and vegetables from the suffering yoga teacher. The victim reached the yoga teacher's house with household items. There both ate dinner together.

After this, the victim teacher started coming to her house. Then the female friend also accompanied the yoga teacher to her house. As soon as he reached home, the yoga teacher started feeling dizzy and he fell asleep. Till then the female friend was looking at her mobile phone.

He was seen covered in blood

When he regained consciousness at 2 o'clock in the night, he was seen covered in blood, the private part was cut.
In the report, the yoga teacher told that he regained consciousness at around 2 o'clock in the night and his clothes were torn when he opened his eyes. There was a lot of blood splattered on the floor and beds. He saw that his private part was severed. There was no female friend in the room. His car was also not parked outside. Then he started crying in pain. But no one came to the apartment to help.

The female yoga teacher started apologizing when she asked for help on the phone

When the victim called the yoga teacher, she started crying and apologizing. When the victim yoga teacher asked for help to take her to the hospital, the woman herself reached with a car. She took the injured yoga teacher to the hospital. Seeing the matter seriously, the doctors referred the yoga teacher to SMS Hospital. From there the female friend left. After getting discharged from the hospital after two days, a case was registered at Bhankrota police station. At present, the reason for the incident will be known only in the interrogation after the woman is caught.

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