The Case of Dr.Rajkumar Sharma’s Harassment and Molestation,CID-CB can Soon Declare its Results

This case came during assembly elections.
The Case of Dr.Rajkumar Sharma’s Harassment and Molestation,CID-CB can Soon Declare its Results

In the case of harassment and molestation by former minister and Congress legislator Dr. Rajkumar Sharma, CID-CB may soon be at the result of its research. CID is now engaged in investigating five viral audio in which even some Congress leaders are also being questioned in this case. On the other hand, CID-CB has asked the woman to provide proofs and other information about the allegations. The police have not received any major information in the evidence given by the girl yet. The police are now engaged in finalizing this matter. If nothing is found like this in the investigation, then there will be a great relief for Sharma.

This case came during the assembly elections. Therefore, the police are also stepping in this blundering case. However, the police have not ruled out the possibility of conspiracy in the state. The young woman lodged a case of harassment and molestation against Raj Kumar Sharma in Nawalgarh police station. In this, five audios of conversation between Congress leader and one girl were viral. In this, the Congress leader is talking about trapping Rajkumar for his own benefit. There is also a conversation of two crore rupees transactions. There may be many more disclosures in the coming days.

Rajkumar Sharma, the future legislator of Nawalgarh Congress Party, has fallen into the electoral atmosphere this time, on social media.

It is worth mentioning, that a girl named "Nisha Sharma" accused them on social media and it was told by her that she was being troubled by them. She warned that she will commit suicide as she is disturbed by everyday threatening and in the same viral video she said, how can I face such a hugely wealthy and powerful person?

'I don't have any choice other than social media. In the second viral audio, she was telling a journalist to ruin Dr. Sharma. It is revealed that other dirty acts have also been witnessed in audio by some of the biased and corrupted journalists & some jealous leaders of Congress, for their benefits, and to defeat Sharma in the elections as they are traumatically distressed by the growing influence of Dr. Rajkumar Sharma.

In a critical overview of Rajkumar Sharma's political career, he was the President of the All-Rajasthan Sanskrit Student Struggle Committee from1992-1997, he was also the President of Maharaja Sanskrit College from 1993-95, Rajasthan University from 1999-2000. He was also the President of Youth Development Forum in 2001. He was an MLA from BSP from Nawalgarh constituency in the tenure of 2008-2013, in which he won the ticket by the highest votes in the entire district of Jhunjhunu.

And now, in the elections of 2018, Sharma may have to face severe losses from such torture. If you talk about the respect & honor of Female, he has acted terrifically in a Rajasthani film 'Mharo Govinda', which was released in the direction of Jaipur's "Manjoor Qureshi", on September 2018 on Janmashtami. The shooting of the film took place in many locations including Nawalgarh, Mandwa, and Jaipur. The story of the film is about saving the daughters in Rajasthan.

In the movie "Mharao Govinda", there is a program which is hosted every year to honor the daughters. In the program, legislator Dr. Sharma plays the role of the chief minister and gives a ten-minute speech on the education, respect of daughters. He also talked about Save the Girl Child in his speech in the movie. Despite all his good deeds & respectful nature toward women, such a scandal raises great questions on political career and character of Dr. Sharma

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