Russian President Vladimir Putin Praises PM Modi's "Tough" Decision-Making Ability

Russian President Vladimir Putin praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "tough" decision-making ability has left social media users pleasantly surprised.
Putin and Modi Sharing Light Moments
Putin and Modi Sharing Light MomentsImage Credit: Since Independence

A Video posted by the Russian State News “Sputnik” has been doing rounds on social media. Showing Bonhomie between PM Modi and Putin, the Russian Premier while Addressing ‘Russia Calling Investment Summit’ said "First of all, let me say that the relations between Russia and India are consistently developing in all areas. And the main guarantor for that is Prime Minister Modi”.

On India Purchasing Russian Oil

In response to a question regarding India purchasing Russian oil, President Putin said "I cannot imagine his excellency Modi getting intimidated or being forced to take any steps or actions that would go against the national interests of India and the people of India.” 

Putin added” Yes, we all understand that, to a large extent, India receives preferences due to discounts on Russian energy resources. Well, he's actually doing the right thing."

Noticeably Russia's crude oil exports to India have gone above 60 million barrels per month as of August 2023, about 18 months into war in Ukraine. India accounts for nearly a quarter of Russia’s crude and refined oil exports. 

Putin went Gaga for Modi earlier too

This is, however, not the first time the Russian leader has praised the Indian PM. Earlier this year, Putin lauded PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and said Russia can draw inspiration from the success stories of its partners, such as India, to promote the growth of its own domestic industries.

Putin and Modi Sharing Light Moments
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