Russian Missile Hits Ukraine’s Odesa Region, 21 Dead

Kremlin denies any bombings on the civilians of the country and said the target was arm depots and plants at the recreational centre.
A residential building was destroyed
A residential building was destroyed

By: Mohit Singhal

At least 21 people died in a Missile attack by Russian forces on a 9-storey building in Odesa, confirmed local officials. The attack took place when the residents of the apartment were in sleep. The attack came hours after the Russian troops had abandoned the Black Sea outpost of Sea Island.

Two missiles were launched by Russian troops in which one of the missiles hit a residential building while another one cracked into the recreational centre killing 21 and injuring dozens of people.

Around 16 people alone were killed in the building where people were sleeping and 5 people had been reported as killed in the recreational centre and one was injured.

The locals of Serhiivka village along with workers came to the rescue and helped them pick the remains of the building that got destroyed fully from one part.

One of the locals who rushed to the point said, “We came here at the site of the destruction and helped the workers in removing out ruins and to help them who were injured and to take out the bodies of the people who died”.

Russian spokesman denies of any civilian destruction

Dmitri Peskov denies any attack on civilians
Dmitri Peskov denies any attack on civilians

However, the spokesperson for Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov denied of any attacks on civilians. He said, “with respect to the words of the president of the Russian federation and commander-in-chief, our armed forces are not working to destroy the civilians of the nation”.

He added, “we were looking to destroy the arms depots, plants that manufacture and repair military equipments and places where nationalist elements are trained”.

Ukraine's President and officials condemn the attacks

Zelenskyy goes harsh on the Russian troops
Zelenskyy goes harsh on the Russian troops

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the missile attack by Russian armed forces and said, “The target of missiles was not a coincidental or some sort of error, instead it was deliberate effort to increase terror among the civilians of the country”.

Chief of Ukraine general staff Valerii Zaluzhnyi said two Russian army planes had taken off from the port of Crimea and bombed the two centres.

Earlier, Russian missiles had targeted the shopping mall killing 19 people.

Around thousands of people have been killed since the invasion of the Russian troops in the Ukraine border on Feb 24 this year. Many countries including Europe and US have condemned the Russian invasion.

A residential building was destroyed
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