'Russia will Never be Able to Win Ukraine': US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden addressed from Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday i.e. Feb 21 on the topic of the Russia-Ukraine war. In this address, Biden said many things about the war, including the point of staying with Ukraine until the end.
'Russia will Never be Able to Win Ukraine': US President Joe Biden
'Russia will Never be Able to Win Ukraine': US President Joe BidenImage Credit: Reuters

The Russia-Ukraine War, which started on February 24, 2022, is about to complete one year. There has been a lot of loss of life and property in this war so far. Along with this, a large number of people have fled the country to save their lives.

Despite Russia's powerful army and dangerous weapons, Ukraine's army is still facing them firmly. Ukraine has got help from many countries in this war.

US President recently visited Ukraine's capital Kyiv

The United States of America has been at the forefront of helping Ukraine. America has been providing financial and military aid to Ukraine since its inception.

Recently, US President Joe Biden also suddenly visited Ukraine's capital Kyiv and met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

After this, Biden reached Warsaw, the capital of Poland and presented an address about this war. US President Biden said that no matter how hard Russia tries in this war, it will not be able to win over Ukraine.

The US President further said, 'Russia attacked Ukraine thinking that it would win easily and NATO would fall apart.

Putin thought that he was very powerful but Russia has seen the steely intentions of America.

Putin has also understood that Ukraine, we and NATO are now standing more firmly.

Ukraine is standing very bravely and firmly in this war. NATO is stronger than ever before.

Giving a message to Russia in the speech, the US President said that America and European countries are not trying to control or destroy Russia.

A few days ago, Putin said that the West is plotting to attack Russia. Talking about this, Biden said that the West has no such intention and West is not plotting to attack Russia.

'Russia will Never be Able to Win Ukraine': US President Joe Biden
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