PM Modi's Reply to Biden's Tweet: India-US Friendship Can Foster Greater Sustainability for Planet

Responding to President Biden's tweet, Prime Minister Modi concurred that the camaraderie between the US and India serves as a catalyst for worldwide benefits. He also expressed optimism that his recent visit will further fortify this vital relationship.
Prime Minister Modi and President Biden
Prime Minister Modi and President Biden Image Credit: AFP

US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have reaffirmed the strong bilateral ties between their countries following a landmark four-day visit by the Indian leader to the United States. 

President Biden took to Twitter to express his belief that the friendship between the two nations is one of the most consequential in the world, stating that it is now stronger, closer, and more dynamic than ever before. 

Prime Minister Modi responded to the tweet, fully agreeing with President Biden and emphasizing that the partnership between Washington and New Delhi is a force for global good. He added that the recent visit had further strengthened the bond between the two nations.

Friendship between US and India
Friendship between US and India

Strengthening Bilateral Ties and Collaborating on Key Issues

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi was accorded a ceremonial welcome at the White House and engaged in productive discussions with President Biden in both restricted and delegation-level formats. 

The leaders highlighted the longstanding friendship between the United States and India, as well as the growing cooperation across various areas such as trade and investment, defence and security, energy, climate change, and people-to-people ties. 

They expressed their appreciation for the progress made through initiatives like the Critical and Emerging Technologies (CET) and their shared desire to enhance strategic technology collaborations in order to build resilient supply chains. The leaders also welcomed the deepening cooperation in critical minerals and space sectors.

Furthermore, both President Biden and Prime Minister Modi reiterated their commitment to combating climate change and achieving a sustainable future. They discussed ways to promote clean and renewable energy and collaborate on climate initiatives.

Prime Minister Modi and President Biden
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Advancing Strategic Partnership and Global Cooperation

Their determination to further strengthen the multifaceted Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership between India and the United States was also emphasized, with the aim of benefiting both their peoples and the global community.

Prime Minister Modi's visit included an address to a joint session of the US Congress, providing an opportunity to further enhance the understanding and cooperation between the two nations. 

The visit has served to deepen the bilateral ties and reinforce the shared commitment to addressing global challenges, including climate change, while fostering economic growth, security, and prosperity.

Overall, the visit by Prime Minister Modi has been regarded as a significant step in strengthening the strategic partnership between India and the United States, setting the stage for continued collaboration and cooperation across various fields for the mutual benefit of both countries and the global community.

Prime Minister Modi and President Biden
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