Miscreants Entered the Indore-Chandigarh Express as a TT

Four miscreants entered into Indore-Chandigarh Express as a TT and looted the passengers by spraying drugs
Miscreants Entered the Indore-Chandigarh Express as a TT

Four miscreants entered the Indore-Chandigarh Express as a TT and looted the looters by spraying drugs. The incident took place between Delhi and Panipat at 3 am on Friday. The robbers escaped after robbing the goods of lakhs of passengers. GRP Chandigarh has registered a case and started investigating the case.

The victim passenger Geeta, who was coming from Gwalior to Chandigarh after boarding the train, told that as soon as the train stopped at the Delhi railway station, four youths entered the train in the dress of TT. As soon as the train left Delhi, the four youth started checking tickets in different coaches. He first performed Reiki under the guise of checking and later sprayed one on the passengers before Sonipat, leaving all the passengers in deep sleep.

The four looted the passengers' luggage and as the train slowed down near Sonipat, the robbers started throwing out the luggage of the passengers. Meanwhile, a passenger sensed and started making noise. On hearing the noise, the thieves started running. At first, the passengers felt that they were TT of the train but as soon as the train reached Panipat, the four robbers got off the train and escaped.

After the noise, the passengers found the real TT and called on the spot. Victim Geeta told that robberies were carried out with passengers in S Two, S Four, S Six, S Nine and S XI. Looters have blown away lakhs of rupees of luggage, mobile phones, jewelery etc. When the train reached the Chandigarh railway station at 7:30 AM on Friday morning, five passengers reported the theft to the GRP police station in Chandigarh.

These include those too. Geeta says that about 40 passengers have been looted in the train. According to the report lodged at the Chandigarh GRP police station, Shreya Aishwarya's mobile phone, ATM card, including seven thousand rupees cash have been looted.

At the same time, a mobile phone of the second passenger holding of the train, one thousand rupees cash, ATM card, Aadhar card and other important documents have been stolen by the thieves, while two mobile phones of Chetan Sood, husband of Geeta, a passenger of the train, one thousand rupees of cash and Geeta. A mangalsutra has been robbed. Apart from this, two mobile phones of railway passenger Yogesh, five cash jewelery including Rs 2500 cash have been looted.

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