Justin Trudeau Story: Everything We Need to Know

Justin Trudeau Story: The recent accusation from the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau regarding the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar has led to a decline in the India-Canada relationship keeping the trade and reputation of Canada at stake. The pro-Khalistani attitude might lead Canada to become a refuge for anti-Indian Khalistanis.
Justin Trudeau Story: Everything We Need to Know
Justin Trudeau Story: Everything We Need to KnowImage Credit: Since Independence

Justin Trudeau Story: The 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, hailing from the Liberal party, was the second youngest leader to assume the position. He is the son of the former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

He is currently in the news because of the rising tensions between India and Canada. Recently, Trudeau alleged the Indian government behind the killings of Hardeep Singh Nijjar who was shot dead near a Gurudwara in British Columbia on June 18.

However, the allegations were declined and deemed absurd by the Indian government and its Foreign ministry.

Since that time, both governments have been in a situation of dispute and have been expelling diplomats and suspending visa services.

Justin Trudeau Story: Everything We Need to Know
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Justin Trudeau Story: Here's All We Need to Know About the Young Leader

Early Life

Born to the then Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau on December 25, 1971. He is married to Sophie Grégoire and has three children.

Trudeau studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Literature at McGill University and further acquired a Bachelor in Education from the University of British Columbia.

Following the tragic death of his younger brother in an avalanche which made him a spokesperson for avalanche safety.

He advocated for different social and environmental issues in Canada slowly building a strong public image finally becoming a member of parliament in 2008 and again in 2011 and 2015.

He was named the Prime minister in October 2015, when he led his party to a majority victory. In September 2021, he led his party into the third term of power.

Although, he failed to win a majority but its unlikely for the opposition to turn him down.

Affiliations to Khalistan

The Trudeau government has always been subtly supporting the pro-khalisatan protests and has not been taking any serious action towards them.

Despite consistent reminders coming from the Foreign Ministry of India that all nations that enjoy friendly ties with India must not support any pro-Khalistan protests in their country or give any space to such extremist idealogy.

There may be multiple reasons for this soft take on Khalistan. Most importantly, the rise of the New Democratic Party (NDP), headed by Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal who secured 24 seats in 2021 made it difficult for the Trudeau government to sustain itself.

Presently, Trudeau is heading a minority government backed up by the NDP and he would not dare to take any strong action towards the khalistani protests if he wants to stay in power.

This inclination towards the Khalistanis dates back to when Pierre Trudeau was in power. The decline in the relationship between the two countries started when India underwent its first nuclear test at Pokharan using plutonium from the CIRUS reactor that was set up with the collaboration of Canada.

The Canadian government thereafter suspended its nuclear cooperation. However, the pro-Khalistani actions started when the Canadian government made changes in the immigration rules and a huge sikh population from India migrated to Canada along with some terrorists who took refuge in the country which led to the worst killings in Canada to date.

Talwinder Singh Parmar, a terrorist who fled to Canada after killing two police personnel in India was protected by Pierre Trudeau and multiple requests to hand him to India were turned down by the government in 1985.

Additionally, multiple security concerns were unheeded. It was on June 23, 1985, that a bomb in two suitcases was set off in an Air India flight 182 (Kanishka) flying from Toronto to the UK, killing all the 329 passengers on board.

The Kanishka bombings remain to be the worst attacks on Canada. Parmar the mastermind behind the attacks was continuously shielded by Pierre's government.

Everyone who was arrested including Parmar was let off easily and no strict action was ever taken.

Like father like son, both of them failed to take any effective steps against the Khalistani supporters and the pro-khalistani protest continued to flourish.

The Trudeau family, in an attempt to stay in power, continue to harbour the khalistani terrorists which are a potential threat to both India and Canada.

By: Harshita

Justin Trudeau Story: Everything We Need to Know
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