Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancee Appeals to Justin Bieber, said- ‘Don’t Sing for Killers’

This is not the first time that a pop star is facing appeals for not performing in Saudi Arabia.
Source: Google, Image by-
Source: Google, Image by-

Pop star Justin Bieber is going to give his performance in Saudi Arabia next month. But the appeal of people not to perform in this function is increasing. One of these requests has been made by the fiancee of Jamal Khashoggi, a late journalist and critic of the Saudi Arabian regime.

In fact, Jamal was killed, which Saudi Arabia is accused of, due to which Khashoggi's fiancé Hatice Cengiz has also written an open letter. Let us tell you, Justin will perform in the Formula One race in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia on 5 December.

Hatice Cengiz's open letter

Source: Google, Image by- NBC News
Source: Google, Image by- NBC News

Hatice Cengiz's letter has been published by The Washington Post. In which she wrote, 'I urge Justin Bieber to cancel his performance in Saudi and send a powerful message to the world, not to use your name and talent to glorify the reputation of such a regime, who kills his critics. It is further written that you do not perform for the killers of Jamal. Please condemn Mohammed bin Salman, because your voice is heard by crores of people.'

America had released the report

Following the assassination of critic and journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an intelligence report was released in 2018 on the instructions of then US President Joe Biden. It also accused Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of killing Jamal. However, the Crown Prince had dismissed the allegation.

Mariah Carey dismissed the appeals

Along with this, rapper ASAP Rocky, DJ David Guetta, Tiesto and singer Jason Derulo are also named for a musical performance in the second F1 race. This is not the first time that a pop star is facing appeals for not performing in Saudi Arabia. Before this, Mariah Carey was the biggest name to perform in Saudi Arabia after the killing of Khashoggi by Saudi agents in Turkey in October 2018. He rejected the appeals boycotting the program.

Nicki Minaj did not give a performance

Source: Google, Image by- Variety
Source: Google, Image by- Variety

In 2019, sin star Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel a performance at a music event in Jeddah. After which she said at the time that she wanted to show support for women's rights, gay rights and freedom of expression.

Jamal Khashoggi was an American journalist of Saudi Arabian origin. He used to write articles criticizing the Saudi government. That is why Saudi Arabia is blamed for his murder.

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