Interview with Mehul Choksi’s Lawyer: Indian Agencies involved in Mehul’s Kidnapping from Antigua

The case of PNB scam accused Mehul Choksi is in the news again. Mehul has been brought from Antigua to Dominica and efforts are on to bring him to India from there.
Interview with Mehul Choksi’s Lawyer: Indian Agencies involved in Mehul’s Kidnapping from Antigua

In the Punjab National Bank scam case going on in the Supreme Court, Mehul's lawyer Vijay Aggarwal says that Mehul has been kidnapped from Antigua by Indian agencies because he is losing the case in Antigua. After all, why does Mehul Choksi not want to come to India? Does he not trust the law of his country? The media put some similar questions in front of Mehul Choksi's lawyer Vijay Aggarwal. Read some parts of this conversation…

Question: Mehul Choksi has complained of being kidnapped from Antigua. He has also accused one of her female friends of this, but she is denying it. What is the truth?
Answer: The truth is that it was an operation of Indian agencies. Indian agencies were losing the case in Antigua. Seeing this, They kidnapped him from Antigua to put him in another country. Then try to get him expelled from there and bring them to India. That's why Mehul was brought to Dominica. For this, the help of many people was taken.

Question: But now Mehul is considered an illegal migrant in Dominica also. His troubles seem to be increasing.
Answer: Right now there is a stay in our favor from the court in Dominica. All these things are being said on the basis of a letter dated 25 May. While Dominica later told that Choksi met on 26 May. It was also told in the court that till the 27th, they did not even know that the man who was found and the one who got hurt is Mehul Choksi. When these things have been said in the court, then how can the letter be ready on May 25. It is also written in the last line of this letter that they will be sent back to the country whose passport they have got. Mehul has an Antigua passport. In such a situation, how can they be sent from Dominica to India?

Source: Google / Image credit: ANI News
Source: Google / Image credit: ANI News

Question: This whole matter is more than 13 thousand crores. The eyes of the whole country are on this matter. As a lawyer, what will be your strategy going forward in this case?
Answer: Ever since the talk of Choksi's kidnapping happened. Since then we want to conduct the hearing through video conference. We are ready for hearing, but Vigilance does not want to come to India. Secondly, he is ill and cannot travel, as air travel takes 14 hours.

Question: There has been a fraud of more than 13 thousand crores with Punjab National Bank. How will they get that money?
Answer: The ED has attached the property worth more than what it was. If it is only a matter of money, then the money of the bank will be recovered from it.

Question: Will Mehul Choksi come to India himself after recovering his health?
Answer: It is not so now. If the health will recover then it can be thought about, but after the kidnapping act in Antigua, his family says that now we do not feel safe in India. When he was being tortured in Antigua, he will always be in danger in India. Choksi's human rights are not protected in India, so he does not want to come here.

Question: You are talking about danger again and again. After all, who threatens Mehul in India?
Answer: Mehul is under threat from all political forces here. There is also danger from investigative agencies. There were a large number of employees in their companies. His salary was not even received, even the supplier was not allowed to pay. From this one can guess how much danger Mehul is in here.

Question: Will the investigating agencies be able to conduct inquiries properly through the online process?
Answer: What is the problem with online inquiry? Yes, the investigating agencies torture in face-to-face interrogation, they will not be able to do it.

Question: How long do you think this case will be settled?
Answer: Only God knows this. I was also a lawyer in the 2G case. All my clients were acquitted by the court. Similar things used to happen in that case also that one lakh eighty thousand crore rupees have been consumed. In the case of Aarushi or Tarun Tejpal also such things have been raised. My job is to defend my client and prove him innocent.

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