Influenza Flu Vaccination Reduces the Risk Of Death In Elderly Patients

This Effect of the Vaccine was Also Seen on those Patients who had Many Diseases Related to Age
Influenza Flu Vaccination Reduces the Risk Of Death In Elderly Patients

A study has found that the Influenza vaccine not only helps in fighting this disease, but also reduces the risk of death of elderly Patients and blood clot and brain haemorrhage in recruitment in the intensive care unit. This effect of the vaccine was also seen on those patients who had many diseases related to age.

This study, conducted from 2005 to 2015 in Denmark, included 89,818 elderly patients admitted to the intensive care unit. Along with this, other information written in the Health Register was also added to the data. Only a few of these patients were brought directly to the hospital due to influenza.

The study has revealed that even if the patient was admitted to the ICU due to influenza or some other problem, those who had already undergone influenza vaccination were found to be 16 percent less likely to have a stroke. Also, the percentage of deaths of people in this group was 8 percent less than other patients.

According to Christian Finbo Christiansen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, "Every year, Denmark's hospital ICU enrolls 30,000 patients and we know that the first year is very important. Three out of four patients are saved and discharged. But even one in five of the discharged patients die within a year. Our study revealed that patients who were vaccinated against influenza experienced fewer health problems even after discharge and had lower mortality. These results seem to support the suggestion that the elderly are also asked for vaccination. '

This is the first time researchers have studied the vaccine, especially in the elderly. After the results, researchers say that the vaccine and other related things should also be studied so that information about other age groups can also be revealed.

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