Gurugram: Double Murder Case was Executed

The whole area is in shocked with a double murder case
Gurugram: Double Murder Case was Executed

In the Sector-9 of Gurujram, the double murder case was executed. There is panic in the area after this incident. The bodies of both the youths were recovered from the toilets. The police reached the spot and took possession of CCTV footage near the spot and got involved in the investigation of the case.

The sensation spread in the area with the murder of two youths in the Sector-9 of Cyber City Gururgram. In fact, the police got information about the incident in the control room at around 2 a

m. The gurugram police reached the spot recovered bodies from the toilets of a 25-year-old and 28-year-old youth in Sector-9. Both young men had serious injuries on their heads, from where there was constant bleeding.

The local people believed that someone would have done the killing of both of them at night. However, the police are in the investigation of the case.  Police station in-charge Basant Kumar, In case of Sector-9, said that both of them have been identified as 25-year-old Tota Ram and 28-year-old Veerpal. The information of the incident has been given to the families, whose statements will be followed by further action. Thana in-charge says that they are engaged in the capture of the CCTV cameras in possession of the dead bodies and will be arrested shortly the person involved in the incident.

In the initial investigation case, both the dead bodies have been found near the toilet. However, the police are investigating the case and are involved in scamping the case from every angle.

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