Covid Knocking Doors of China yet again, Tension Increases across the Globe

After witnessing yet another upsurge in the Covid cases, China had imposed yet another stiff lockdown in the 26 cities of the country, adding another tension to the global chart.
Covid Knocking Doors of China yet again, Tension Increases across the Globe
Amidst Lockdown, China’s Economy Faces a Dump Image Credit: Reuters

By: Pulkit Sharma

As to ensure the zero Covid cases in China, President XI Jinping had recently enforced a stiff lockdown in the 26 cities of the country. It must be noted here that the country has been witnessing a surge in Covid cases from the past few days, as a result of which the Communist government had decided to undergo another lockdown.

Apparent attack on global supplies

Lockdown restrictions by the country would be affecting the supplies at the global level as China being the global producer would find it hard to meet the targets and thus the world might see a disruption in the supply chain and might face a new crisis amidst the Russia-Ukraine war.

Moving ahead to stats, major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, who've been witnessing the lockdown contribute around 7.5% of GDP of the nation where Beijing adds upto 3.5% and Shanghai contributes 4% shares.

Sudden surge in Covid cases

Sudden surge in Covid cases
Sudden surge in Covid cases Image Credit; AFP via Getty Images

The communist state had been witnessing a steadily low Covid cases the past month. However, in the midst of March, it witnessed a sudden escalation in the cases which resulted in enforcement of a stringent lockdown.

Owing to the lockdown, the citizens have also not been able to celebrate the much-awaited five-day Labour Day break, one of the busiest seasons for the state tourism. So far the nation had already been suffering a contraction of 7.9% in the GDP in the first quarter of the year, shutting down factories would for sure add further tensions to the economy.

Frustration among the Commoners

China is known for its rigid restrictions had once again jumped to such regulations. Citizens are not allowed to go for a hangout to celebrate Labour Day. The restrictions had forced around 21 crore citizens to be confined to their homes.

Frustration among the Commoners
Frustration among the Commoners Image Credit: Twitter

As of which they’ve been finding it hard to even manage for their basic needs and are thus exasperated with the curbs. President XI on the other hand had been avoiding to leave any statement on the issue.

Developments so far

  • All those who've been tested positive need to be transferred to makeshift facilities as the positive ones are not allowed to stay quarantined at home.

  • President XI initially employed about 7.5 million government employees for relief and other related works, however, this force was also short at that time, XI then deployed his party workers for the same to ensure that no citizen gets outraged with the restrictions.

  • Some of the reports also suggest that the many commoners who tested negative were also forcibly taken out of their homes and were shifted to camps outside their locality.

  • The upsurge in the Covid cases had increased the tensions globally and once again the global economy which is already being hit by one after another crisis might undergo another battle with Covid.

Note - So far we have been able to fight against Covid. But to ensure continued growth in both your economy and lifestyle, make sure to wear a mask and also follow the necessary guidelines to avoid the spread of COVID infection.
Amidst Lockdown, China’s Economy Faces a Dump
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