World Television Day: Always keep 5 Important Things in Mind while Buying TV

Today is World Television Day. 25 years ago, on this day in 1996, the United Nations declared World Television Day.
Image Credit: National Day 2021
Image Credit: National Day 2021

Today is World Television Day. 25 years ago, on this day in 1996, the United Nations declared World Television Day. We are not telling you about the history of TV or the people who made it in this news. Rather, we are telling you how to select Smart TV for yourself. That is, how to choose the best out of the abundance of smart TVs in the market.

While buying a TV, take full care of its display quality. There should be no compromise in this matter. If you've bought a larger Television, but it's not Full HD or 4K, the fun of watching videos on it can be boring. Not only this, if the TV is HD then it will not support Full HD or 4K video. The quality of 4K is eight times better than HD. In the Indian market, many companies including Xiaomi, Realme, itel, Blopunkt are offering 4K TVs at very low prices. A 4K TV with a large 43-inch display comes in around 35 to 40 thousand rupees.

Demand for 3D Television decreased

3D TVs have come into the market for a long time. These 3D movies or videos are enjoyed with 3D goggles. However, even after a long time, the demand for 3D Television has not increased. On the contrary, Smart TV has reduced their demand. Even after this, if you want to buy 3D TV, then you must find the answer to one question, is there enough content available for 3D TV? While 3D content is available on YouTube and other video streaming websites, many gaming consoles also support 3D content. Although the number of 3D movies is very less. There are also two types of 3D TVs in this.

Active 3D TVs: These use battery power 3D glasses, which have to be synchronized with the Television. These glasses increase the cost of the TV. To buy them, 5 to 9 thousand rupees more will have to be paid for with the TV. Only one or two pairs are given in this.

Passive 3D TVs: Many 3D TVs use polarized glasses. They also fit easily on the eyes and are cheap too. However, there is a slight difference in quality. If your budget is limited then passive 3D Television can be a good option.

A flat panel television

Smart TVs are getting thinner nowadays. In this way, the speakers have become smaller and lighter. If you are taking a flat panel television, then 5 to 10-watt speakers will be installed. These are fine for small rooms, but if the TV is installed in the hall, then it may be less for the overall experience. In this case, portable speakers can be used.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Speakers come with several surround boxes. As such, 5.1 speakers will have 5 different speaker boxes that will work on one system. In these, voice will come from 5 different directions. So come 2.1, 3.1, 7.1 speakers. If you are thinking of a home theatre system then speakers from companies like JBL, Portronics can be better. Connect these to your TV and the multi-system speakers will deliver theatre-like sound quality.

HD content online affect the display

The biggest advantage of getting a Smart TV is that it offers multiple connectivity options. While taking Smart TV, you should go to the showroom after taking care of some questions. For example, will the TV support a hard disk? Will the TV support common video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV? Will viewing HD content online affect display quality? Will it take time to play a file from USB? USB playback performance should be checked once before buying a television. In such a situation, how much time the television is taking, will be known.

Several apps can be installed separately on a TV with the Android operating system. These have features like Wi-Fi, Ethernet for the internet. Apart from this, there are also motion sensors that come in handy for playing games. Some TVs have a USB port to which the keyboard can be connected. It also comes in handy for connecting the webcam and mic. Wireless devices can also be connected to it with the help of Bluetooth.

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