The Politics of Congress will Heat Up Due to Pilot’s Field Tours

It has also become a narrative that Sachin Pilot is at the top as the leader of Gehlot's opponents in the politics of Congress.
Image Credit: The Indian Express
Image Credit: The Indian Express

Amidst the ongoing tussle with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot has devised a strategy to leave the capital and visit the field. The pilot has started political tours from Gehlot's home region. Sachin Pilot now has a strategy to tour different areas of the state by being active in the field continuously. The schedule for field tours is being finalized. Now the pilots will tour continuously. The politics of Congress will heat up due to his field tours.

The strategists of Sachin Pilot have also taken care of the timing. Strategists have selected the areas and events of political importance and set up tours for the pilots. Work is underway on the strategy to make the pilot reach every area of ​​the state. Pilots can now visit the canal area soon.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Efforts to energize the supporters and increase the reach to the public

Behind Sachin Pilot's field tours, there is an exercise to instill enthusiasm among the supporters. For a long time, due to the wave of Corona, the tours of the leaders were closed. Things have returned to normal, so the pilot has decided to go on tour.

According to political experts, Sachin Pilot now wants to create the image of a leader living among the public, so a strategy has been made to tour the area. There is also a preparation to go to programs in every area having political importance. The pilot has scorched the politics by visiting Barmer, Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Alwar districts in the last three days.

Gehlot supporters distance from pilot's visits, opportunities in this vertical division

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

During the recent visits of Sachin Pilot to Jodhpur, Barmer, no MLA and leader supporting Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reached to welcome him. This vertical division between Gehlot and the pilot camps can be clearly seen from top to bottom. Sachin Pilot is looking for opportunities in this vertical division. Due to the ongoing tussle in Congress for a long time, it has also become a narrative that Sachin Pilot is at the top as the leader of Gehlot's opponents in the politics of Congress. The pilot has now decided to lay special emphasis on ground connect.

The political meaning of timing of pilot's tours

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is not currently making a political tour citing the threat of Corona. During the entire Corona period, Gehlot has rarely gone out of Jaipur. Gehlot has not even gone to his home district Jodhpur due to Corona. Sachin Pilot has decided to tour the field at such a time. With the increase of Pilot's visit, the internal political temperature in Congress will also rise, and then there will be a comparison.

The two regarding going out in the field. He has now made a strategy to be active in the field continuously for these political reasons. In the ongoing Panchayati Raj elections in the state, there is also an exercise to give the message of working in the field for the party by inaugurating the election offices of Congress candidates.

Pilot camp issues unresolved for a year

Image Credit: Deccan Herald
Image Credit: Deccan Herald

Sachin Pilot and the legislators-leaders of his camp are looking for a solution to the issues settled at the time of reconciliation last year. More than 13 months have passed since the reconciliation after the rebellion, but the issues raised by the pilot camp are still unresolved. The pilot camp now wants cabinet expansion, political and organizational appointments soon, the screw is stuck on an equal share in all these appointments.

Regional-caste equation

Sachin is also engaged in the exercise of regional and caste equations by visiting Pilot Field. According to political observers, in order to give a political answer to the anti-Pilot camp, now a strategy has been made to go to every area to reconcile ethnic and regional equations. Visiting places of political importance area-wise and meeting people and leaders with influence is part of this strategy.

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