Revelations Related to the Government in Urjit Patel’s Book!

Urjit Patel has made several revelations in his book Overdraft - saving the Indian saver. He has expressed his displeasure with the Government.
Image Credit: HarperCollins India
Image Credit: HarperCollins India

Former Reserve Bank of India governor Urjit Patel has said that his differences with the ex-finance minister started with the government's decisions on insolvency matters, which were quite soft. Urjit Patel has written this in his new book Overdraft – saving the Indian Saver, in which he did not write the name of anyone – but by the time he was talking about the middle of 2018, it was a period when Piyush Goyal got something for the time he was given charge of Finance Minister. This time was between May 2018 to August 2018.

Soft Decisions For Insolvency Cases

Patel wrote in his book that soft decisions were made for insolvency cases in mid-2018 when the finance minister and Urjit Patel were at the same level for most of the work related to matters. In May 2018, ex-Finance Minister Arun Jaitley headed the Insolvency Act, but due to illness he was hospitalized and then Energy Minister Piyush Goyal was given charge of Finance Minister. In 2018, Piyush Goyal, 2018, said the circular should be softened and said that no loan could be called to the NPA after 90 days.

Accusations Against the Government too

Image Credit: Free Press Journal
Image Credit: Free Press Journal

Urjit Patel in his book has listed the problems of the financial sector in giving loans based on the primacy and directives of the government-owned by RBI. He has also warned of reducing the gap between the government and public sector banks and said that this could increase the government's debt. He also expressed concern over bringing in SBI-LIC funds started by the government to bail out real estate projects and said that bringing in the Mudra Credit Scheme by the Central Government was like transferring money. Explained that he was against the purchase of IDBI Bank by LIC, which was announced in August 2018.

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