Plane Reached Hindon Air Force Airport in Ghaziabad carrying 35 Citizens

Earlier, there were tales of atrocities by the Taliban on the tongues of Indian citizens who reached Hindon Airport from Kabul.
Image Credit: Amar Ujala
Image Credit: Amar Ujala

A plane from Kabul, Afghanistan, carrying 35 people has arrived at the Hindon Air Force Airport in Ghaziabad. Of the 35 people who reached India, 24 people are Indian citizens while 11 people are from Nepal. Air Force officers are preparing to send all these people to their destination by bus. Media was not allowed into the airport.

Hindon Airport from Kabul

At the same time, there were tales of Taliban atrocities on the lips of Indian citizens who reached Hindon Airport from Kabul, and tears of joy were flowing from their eyes. His joy of returning to his homeland was so great that he could not express it with his tongue. These people were stranded at Kabul airport and the Taliban was guarded all around. Life had become a fascination with the mercy of the Taliban fighters.

Image Credit: TOI
Image Credit: TOI

There were 25-30 thousand people gathered at the airport. The crowd was being controlled with guns. Every moment there was this fear that I do not know when the bullet would come from where and the chest came out tearing. In helplessness, complaints were being made to those above that how to reach their homeland. When these people reached Hindon Airport, then their lives came to life.

The atmosphere had completely changed

The people told that on the morning of August 15, the atmosphere had completely changed. The Taliban, with guns on their shoulders and wearing slippers, were raiding the houses of the people. They were looking for Afghans. There the Indians were horrified. The Taliban ask questions. They do what they think is right. We packed our bags and headed towards the airport. On reaching there, I saw that 25 to 30 thousand people gathered at the gate of the airport. The Taliban were standing outside with guns. For a long time, we struggled to get inside the airport. Afghans were the target of the Taliban there. Those whose passport was of India would have let him go.

Even small children reached India

Some children from the Air Force's C-17 Globemaster had also arrived with their families. Children in Kabul, who heard the continuous sound of gunfire, started jumping freely as soon as they got down from the plane. An Indian-origin woman had arrived with her Afghan husband and a five-month-old baby. She was very busy feeding her children. When asked, she said, I am looking at the children now, I cannot talk now.

Image Credit: Airport Info.
Image Credit: Airport Info.

Vande Mataram resonated at the airport

There was different happiness on the faces of all the 168 people on their return home. More than telling her pain, someone was sitting on the chair and talking on the phone, while the woman was caressing the children. Seeing the arrangement at the Hindon Air Force Station of the Air Force, everyone expressed their gratitude to the Air Force. In between, slogans of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai kept on being raised.

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